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About LeanSquad

My name is Phil Mackenzie, and I am a former Professional Rugby Player and the Founder of the LEANSQUAD (I am also a father two twin boys, a toddler and Husband to my beautiful wife Brodie but I’ll get to that shortly)!


Firstly, after nearly 10 years of playing in the best league and two World Cups with Canada I eventually retired and as we were having our first son, Hudson, I made it my mission to help ANYONE and EVERYONE get fit in a realistic and sustainable way.

After I retired I quickly realized how “real” real life was. As a dad, as a husband and as someone who enjoys a “whoopsie” I knew I didn’t want to train in the gym for hours or follow some ultra restrictive diet that would ruin all the fun!


So, instead, I used everything I had learned from the worlds best trainers and nutritionists and set out to change the way people train, eat and transform their bodies forever! This is when the LEANSQUAD was officially born!

Fast forward to today and over 10,000 mothers, dads, students, business men and women all over the world have transformed alongside me!


But not only that, since founding the LEANSQUAD it’s the community I am most proud of.

Oh and I forgot to mention a huge shout out to my incredible wife Brodie (and super Mom to our beautiful twins and toddler)! They are the number one Squadies who truly motivate me to do my best to get more out of every single day!!

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All you need to know

Please visit our FAQ for answers to more questions

Do I have to start a challenge on a specific date?

No! You can start a challenge right away if you’d like!
With that said, we do suggest starting a Challenge on a Monday, so you can begin at the start of a new lean week! We also have workouts leading up to your challenge to get you prepared!

Do I have to be "fit" to start a challenge?

No! Our Challenges are designed for all fitness levels! From true beginners to workout pros, there are low impact modifications for each exercise, so all you have to do is press play and follow along!

How do you know the meals are right for my body?

Using your BMR, we have pre calculated your macro nutrient breakdown and portion sizes for each individual meal. This way, it takes out all of the guess work so you can just cook up the tasty leanness, enjoy, and FEEL your best!