Listen from Super Squadie Elisha Sander discuss her super real experience during her #90dayleanplan!!!


Squadie @jasonalanmarshall

"As a pro rugby player I thought I had a good handle on the nutrition side of things with regards to my training but once I retired I realized I needed a change. The custom meal plan and high intensity workouts changed the game for me and got me looking at my abs again! Super pumped with the results and can't wait to keep the progress going!"


Squadie @wendymukerj

"What a leancredible journey!! Can't believe it's been 90 days already. I am down 27 lbs and have lost 13.5 inches. I feel so much healthier and happier! Absolutely loved the workouts and the meals are easy to prepare and tasty!! Thank you Phil for your encouragement. The leansquad is the place to be!!"



Squadie @danimaux

“Huge thanks to PMack and @leansquad for pushing me and keeping me as much on track as possible... I know I didn’t make it easy on him. For someone who travels a lot, this program was perfect for me, and gave me great results. Can’t wait to do it again in Jan. Thanks Coach Phil!!” 


Squadie @elishasander

“I have been working out consistently since I was about 17, I have tried countless programs and always been addicted to the gym. I came across Phil and the @leansquad on Instagram and instantly gravitated to his style and was impressed by his clients success. I contacted him and he asked me a ton of questions to get started. I went both feet it and have never been in such good shape in my life. He really knows what he’s doing and is an absolute professional and expert. I would recommend him to everyone that’s looking to really get fit.”


Squadie @petedove

"My 90 day #leansquadtransformation is complete. You’ve followed me through 3 months of hard work, lean meals and gallons of sweat and I am so happy with my transition into a lean machine. I honestly believed I couldn’t have defined abs… I blamed my genes and I now realize that a healthy diet, high intensity workouts and hard work can make a hell of a difference in a short time. I can’t thank @leansquad and Phil Mackenzie enough for giving me a direction and focus for a healthy lifestyle. I’m 34 now and it’s easy to drink beer and get fat, but I want to be a lean dad and show my kids that diet and exercise are essential to a happy life. Please, please, please… if you are looking to make a change, need motivation or just wanna look good naked then contact Phil on Instagram @leansquad, Facebook or email at I started 3 months ago at 213 lbs and I now weigh 189 lbs. I can’t ever remember being this lean. Phil has been so great at keeping positive, motivating and pushing me hard. My results are 100% because of his program and motivation."


Squadie @cesconteam

"I had an epiphany that I really needed to do something about my slowly increasing waistline and flabby arms, when I tried on my bikini 7 weeks before a family Christmas cruise! I was mortified!! I was hopeful that with Phil's HIIT workouts, I could achieve some noticeable results in a fairly short amount of time. The hardest part was making a commitment to myself that I could do this and I'm worth the effort and time involved for the results I wanted! In just 7 short weeks, my muffin top was significantly smaller and I could fit back into my size 28 jeans. That was quite an accomplishment for me and I felt happy going on the Cruise. 
The workouts were super intense with variety between high level cardio sets and weight and floor sets. The first session was shocking. But Phil is such a positive influence, he has a natural ability to push you to your next highest level and be the best you can be, as you compete with yourself!  Phil made modifications and increased the intensity where necessary, and in less than 6 short months, I am down to a size 26 jeans, a size 2 for clothing and the lowest weight I've been since I was 21 years old. Phil's program works. Period. The combination of my commitment to his training and eating well, together with Phil's commitment to delivering a customized training program for every stage of my progress, have been the keys to my success. And I couldn't be happier. I feel great.....younger and stronger than I've felt in years. Especially given that I'm 57 years old and I am complimented every day by someone on how great I look! Thank you, Phil. Leanquad rocks!"


Squadie @emj_johnson

"LEAN PHASE 2 was an ABSOLUTE killer... keeping the motivation to eat well and train hard consistently was difficult! Although, with such an awesome meal plan and a detailed workout routine geared specifically to me, made things a hell of a lot easier to stay on track. For me lean phase 2 was tough, it's so easy to lose motivation, but having an awesome coach motivating me every step of the way made my goals attainable. Leansquad is a lifestyle, if it was easy everyone would be doing it. Looking forward to what's to come for LEAN PHASE"