Enjoy Halloween, but don’t let it scare you off track!


On Halloween, it’s inevitable -- you’re going to have a candy or two at some point throughout this week. Whether it’s was a few Whoopsies this weekend at your Halloween party, or the candy you plan on taking from your kids trick-or-treating stash tomorrow night. Don’t let a little Halloween Whoopsie throw you off your game! With so many ways to get back on track, you can enjoy Halloween without feeling guilty.

One LEANMAZING way to get back on track is with a HIIT workout! HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a quick and effective way to burn off those extra calories and get back to feeling good! Start off your Thursday with a quick morning HIIT workout to and jump start your day! Try to do each exercise with maximum effort and keep your rest periods strict, this will help you stay motivated and focused throughout the day!


I have also created this ab routine designed to get you back to lean! Oh, and if you’re feeling super motivated, try and double up on Thursday and end your night with this effective ab workout! After kicking off your day with HIIT, eating lean approved meals throughout the day, and ending your night with this ab routine, you can put those Halloween cheats behind you and continue on your lean journey guilt free!


Get you Lean Lift or HIIT workout in on Thursday morning!

Get you Lean Lift or HIIT workout in on Thursday morning!

Lean Approved Halloween Tips!

  1. Try doing your Thursday morning HIIT workout, fasted!

Regardless of when you stopped munching on Wednesday night, try to get up Thursday morning, have your coffee, and do your HIIT workout BEFORE you eat. Working out in a fasted state forces your body to use STORED fats as fuel, rather than the foods you just ingested. This will help you hit the Lean Reset button and finish your week strong, despite how many candies you maybe have sampled on Halloween! Further, it will help spike your metabolism so the body will be burning all day long!

2. Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated should be part of your daily routine, but it is ESPECIALLY important after a few Whoopsies. Fluids (But most importantly water) helps cleanse and flush your body of all its toxins and keeps your joints well oiled!

3. Get a good rest

When you are awake, alert and busy, your body is constantly in an active state. It is only when you are shut off and asleep that you body has a chance to repair, recharge and regenerate. It is so important to allow your body time to rest, so really do your best to get some good sleeps in the next few days!

4. Avoid the Candy Aisle on your next Lean shop

Finally, get back to your routine! During your next Lean shop, STAY AWAY FROM THE CANDY AISLE! Instead of Reese’s Pieces, load your cart up with lots of lean proteins, healthy carbs, and leafy greens and vegetables to help get you back on track! For example, buy the lean-gredients for this great lean-cipe we posted a couple weeks back!


5. One final challenge!

Try to cook at least 2 lean meals this weekend!!

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