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Happy September Squadies!!

I hope everyone had a leanmazing Labour day weekend and is feeling rested and recharged heading into the short week!

Although it might be tough to admit, summer is drawing to a close. As the season begins to change, I think it is very important to take a second to reflect on what a leantastic summer it was! 

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First of all, the LEANSQUAD wants to thank all of YOU for an outstanding #SummerLean2018!! The best part about LEANSQUAD is our community!! #SummerLean2018 was such a successful summer with so many Squadies making a huge commitment to getting healthier, fitter, and leaner while still enjoying the nice weather and living their lives. Nothing brings me more happiness than receiving an excited email or text from a Squadie describing how they are exceeding their goals while enjoying themselves!!



Next, in August of #SummerLean2018 we hosted the 2ndAnnual #LeanFest in Vancouver, British Columbia which was an overwhelming success. Thank you so much for all who attended, and for those who we’re not able to be there, please check out the video on our Youtube account! We were so fortunate to have some leanmazing Sponsors (@lululemon, @westcoastpoke, @bodyenergyclub, @flow, @nudevodkasoda) who made the event super lean and super fun! #LeanFest further demonstrated the support of our community and we cannot wait for next year’s event!

What’s Next?

Now that the kids are back in school, patios are starting to fold their umbrellas, and summer vacations are over, September is the PERFECT time to start (or get back into) you lean routine. Taking that first step and making a commitment is often the hardest part of your Lean journey. Just know that after you take the plunge, it only takes a few good weeks of Lean eating and HIIT workouts to start feeling better! Trying to incorporate a daily sweat and making sure that you fuel your body with healthy foods will combat any sort of change in weather.

Here are a few lean tips to help jumpstart your Lean Journey:

1.    Clean out the Cupboard

Although Summer is arguably the most “fun” season, it sometimes means that you have a few extra snackies in your cupboard. Lean snackies are OK, but now is the time to GET RID of all those “not-so-lean” treats. Removing temptation is the easiest way to avoid whoopsies, so open up that cupboard and purge!! 

2.    Lean Shop

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The next step after you have purged your pantry is to RESTOCK with healthy, lean and tasty foods! Try to incorporate:

a.    Lean proteins: Because they help build lean muscle

b.    Healthy fats: Because they help fuel you ALL DAY long and eliminate constant cravings

c.    Vegetables: Because they add vitamins, nutrients and fiberto your diet, and 

d.    A FEW fruits: Because they are rich in antioxidantswhich will help you cleanse your system.

e.    Spices: some of MY favourites are Cayenne, Cinnamon, Ginger, Tumeric, Paprika -- These will help spice up your food and make all your leancipes even more tasty!

By refilling your fridge and cupboard with these types of foods, it will REDUCE temptation and make eating tasty and healthy.

3.    Lean Prep


Now that you’ve got all the ingredients, really make an effort to do some lean prep! Take 1 or 2 nights per week and cook some of the tasty leancipes so that you can have lean eats on the go! By preparing your meals ahead of time, you will be able to eat healthy, even when you are super busy! 

4.    Set a Schedule

Try and set a schedule! At the beginning of each week, look at your schedule and try to carve out time during each day to get active! Some days will be more difficult than others, but always remember that 15 minutes is BETTER than nothing. Even if you don’t FEEL like working out or getting active, if you can push through that feeling, I promise that after you are finished, you will feel so much better and accomplished!

5.    Find a Lean Buddy

It’s OK! Accountability is something that we all struggle with, and one of the best ways to stay accountable to find a Lean buddy. By telling people that you are embarking on your lean journey, or having someone to workout, cook, or share results with, you will find it easier to stay on track! People who train together, stay lean forever!


Everyone is different, and the best part about the LEANSQUAD is that you are on YOUR OWN JOURNEY! Everyone has different goals and will achieve those goals in a different way, these are just some tips to help you along! 

Remember, I am always here to for support, encouragement or questions, so don’t be afraid to reach out! I have started a new email for any questions, comments, or inquiries:

Squadies, THANK YOU again for such a leanmazing #SummerLean2018 and I am so excited to kick off the Fall season with all of you! We are JUST GETTING STARTED and have some BIG things in store!