LEANSPIRATION - Leanmazing Transformations from the 90DAYLEANPLAN



Summer is slowly drawing to a close and I think that it's always important to reflect on all of our successes! When looking back on this summer, I am overwhelmed with inspiration from SO MANY Squadies who not only transformed their bodies but also their attitudes, energy levels and happiness. 

So! This blog post will highlight different Squadies and some of their personal inspirational tips from their experiences.

The (Lean) Leap of Faith: 


Getting started is often one of the most daunting and scary aspects of a lean journey. Just ask Squadie @fwhiffin!!! In her own words, "being completely honest about phase one... It took me a few days to get used to a routine where I could get a workout in and make sure I have all my meals ready to go." Now, this is common, so do not fear! Obviously, before starting your lean journey you had a routine you were accustom to. However, the good news is it only takes a few days to break old habits and adopt a new, leaner lifestyle! "Other than that, the workouts are so sweaty and hard but have an amazing way of making you want more. The food is so simple and tasty so I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything as I'm such a huge foodie." As you can see, once you get started, you quickly realize that in reality, you had nothing to fear! And soon enough, as Squadie @fwhiffin said "it truly becomes a lifestyle and not just a quick fix to get in shape"

Staying Motivated:


Summer time can be a super busy time, filled with weddings, parties and 1,000 other reasons not to start your lean journey. However, this generally is always the case, and each and every Squadie that decided to commit to their lean journey this summer made me especially proud! HOWEVER, one Squadie who I am particularly proud of is @rehunter15, who was feeling as though she was in a rut. Nevertheless, she committed and in turn, has accomplished LEANCREDIBLE results (both physically and mentally). "Thank you for everything! I have started to find myself enjoying not only the workouts and recipes but also just generally feeling more energetic and happy on a day to day basis. It was a great feeling to go into my old job (haven’t been done I started leansquad) and have my boss tell me I am looking great and I seem happier than I have been in quite some time. I truly believe in what you do for people, you have the ability to inspire people from a distance and that is not an easy thing to do. I would love to continue to phase 4 and see what I can accomplish with rugby starting back up! And of course you can share my pictures, that’s what got me interested in doing your program so if I can help I am happy too!" The leanmazing thing about Squadie @rehunter15's experience is that once you start putting in the work, your body rewards you with a wave of endorphins. It affects your mood and overall makes you happier!  This feeling of happiness is what propels you to stay motivated and continue to push! This is one of the reasons I love exercising and staying healthy! 


Down 35lbs after Lean Phase 2!!!

Down 35lbs after Lean Phase 2!!!

Squadie @farmboygrk is a prime example of when you commit to something, you truly can accomplish (or in his case, surpass) your goals. "The results this program gets are incredible. I haven't been in this good of shape for at least 10 years. I absolutely love that I've been able to do it all from home and in a short amount of time. Certainly the results to this point have surpassed expectations. Once you start to see it come off though its almost easier to ramp things up even more. The food is almost second nature now, and I'm able to construct meals more easily."  It is such a testament to your work ethic and commit to see you transform your body and attitude. I usually don't give much credence to the scale but in your case, being down 35lbs is a leanmazing accomplishment while still improving strength and health!!! I am so proud! 

Summer Lean 2018:

As I mentioned above, it is ALWAYS important to reflect on the past and celebrate progress made. There are COUNTLESS Squadies who I could have highlighted however, this post isn't about individuals. Instead, this post is about celebrating the leansquad as a whole and how far EVERYONE has come. If you have even slightly adjusted your lifestyle to eat a little healthier, or get a little more active that is a HUGE LEAN WIN! As the year goes on, keep aiming for more and more little lean wins and by the end, you will quickly realize you have transformed your entire life!!!

Thank you so much for a leanmazing summer Squadies! Now let's keep the leanness going!!


P.S. If you want to sign up for a custom #90dayleanplan (meal and workout plan) click this link now and start your own lean journey! I promise you won't regret it!