4 Workouts You Can Do Anywhere This Summer!

SUMMER LEAN in 2018!

Summer is officially here which means we can finally get outside and get the body burning! This is one of my favourite times of year because NOTHING beats getting fitter, healthier and leaner when the sun is shining. You get the benefits of the exercise, plus the added benefits of vitamin D which means it is definitely a LEAN WIN!!! 

Here are 4 different workouts you can try out anywhere and everywhere this summer no matter what your current fitness level is. Give them a go Squadies and let's make this summer the leanest and best one yet!!!!

I LOVE this workout because it literally works the entire body and is constantly changing. I hate repeating the same moves over and over, so when I design a lean routine I try to constantly keep the body guessing. This workout has 20 moves in only 20 minutes!

Now, if you really want to mix things up this summer, invest in a set of light dumbbells. That way, you can invite even more leanness into your outdoor workouts. Dumbbell hiit's are a great way to build even more strength and further tone your arms and body while watching the phat melt away!

Now, a lot of HIIT's can look intimidating but fear not, this one is a GREAT workout for beginners. It is a lot lower impact and therefore your joints won't take a beating. Give this one a go and I promise, it will be a great way to kick start your lean journey!

This ab blaster is a great one to do at the end of any workout OR if you feel like really smashing the abs, repeat this workout 3 times! 

There you go, I hope these help you out this summer! If you are looking for more personalized workouts and a plan that lays out every single day, no matter what equipment you have available to you, then sign up for your own custom #90DAYLEANPLAN today! You get your workouts and meal plan tailored to you!