How to stay lean while travelling!

Wondering how to stay lean this winter?

I have been fortunate to travel a lot and because of this, I have learned various ways to make my vacation or work trip nice and lean. Here is how: 

1. HIIT it

High intensity interval training is a one way ticket to the planet lean. No matter how crazy your schedule is, we all have time to do a 15-20 minute hiit. You can do it in your hotel gym, find a local training spot, or even just do it in your hotel or outside on the beach or in a park. It doesn’t take long and makes us feel leanmazing so it’s vital to get it done. I always try to do my morning hiit fasted and then enjoy a nice big lean refuel.  

Try this Hotel HIIT workout you can do anywhere:

2. Lean decisions

Obviously when traveling, most people have limited access to the kitchen and therefore lean prep is basically impossible. Therefore, we have to make lean decisions when eating out. Almost every decent restaurant has lean meal options. You don’t have to over think it but I always refer back to my lean homemade meals (or refer back to your 90 Day Lean Plan) and aim for similar portion sizes. We are supposed to enjoy eating so I repeat, do not stress about the menus, however, just aim to make consistent, reliable decisions and your body will keep on burning throughout your travels.

3. Treat yourself!

I treat myself! Yes, I repeat, I treat myself. When I am on vacation I am there to enjoy myself. I personally enjoy eating my calories more than I do drinking them so whenever I am on vacation I aim to have a few nice big treats. Even ask Squadie John Tavares! He thinks everyone should treat themselves, especially if you are putting in the work all year round. It gives you something to look forward to and a nice little incentive to work hard. 

John Tavares from the New York Islanders treats himself! Look at the homemade low carb cookies and organic coconut ice cream he made when I was visiting in New York! How can you not smile!