Free Kit And Ace Transformation Giveaway

Hallooooo Squadies,

You have been invited to turn your upcoming holidays into lean-idays. Hmmmm, a lean-iday? I bet you’ve never heard of that before. Well, that’s because this is the first one ever! 

Usually, over Christmas our wallets get lean and our bodies get, well…umm…a little plumper ☹ This Christmas, things are going to be different... Instead, the leansquad has created a lean-iday, which is designed to ensure our bodies get lean and our wallets stay nice and juicy!

How exactly do we intend on doing this? Well, the leansquad has partnered with the Kit and Ace Oakville Shop for a private in shop VIP shopping experience.  Kit and Ace will be gifting the Leanest Squadie a new lean outfit; a Technical Cashmere Shirt and a pair of pants of your choice.  That way, you’ll look extra leanmazing in their nice lean fitting clothes while your wallet stays nice and juicy!


How do you get this? Well, that’s the easy part. You register with the leansquad, submit you’re before photos and weight, and over the course of six weeks commit to a lean journey. You DO NOT have to be officially signed up with the leansquad, however, if you do decide to sign up, the leansquad will offer you a 15% discount for a 90 Day Package to help you smash this lean journey and beyond.

To enter, you must submit a front, and side before photo like those attached before November 12th, 2017. Include your name, phone number and instagram. You have to submit your “after” photos by December 20thth, 2017. From there, a lean winner will be chosen. This competition isn’t a crash diet, and therefore, Squadies won’t be judged solely on “weight loss”. Transformation pictures, and those who submit pictures throughout their lean journey, will be used to pick the most committed Squadie to getting healthier and in the process getting leaner! You can DM your lean-formation to @leansquad or

Therefore, throughout this lean journey, you are encouraged to send in your workout and food videos, pictures, boomerangs and whatever other lean material you capture all your journey. You can direct message it to the @leansquad instagram. This will also play a part in chosen a lean winner. The individual who shares their journey will in turn probably inspire other Squadies to get fitter, healthier and leaner so do not under estimate this.

Once you sign up, your lean journey begins and all you have to do is commit to getting leaner, fitter and healthier.  Again, you don’t have to be officially signed up with the leansquad, although it certainly helps. If you are looking for free tips and advice, always, always refer back the leansquad instagram and blog. This is NOT by any means a license to start a crash diet. This is the beginning of hopefully a much longer lean journey!


Terms and conditions!

Kit and Ace Oakville will be donating one Technical Cashmere shirt a value of $78.00 and one pair of pants a value of $158.00.  

Unfortunately, not everyone lives near the Oakville Kit and Ace and therefore, to ensure is eligible to win the prize, you will be compensated with a $150 gift card which can be used at another shop or online.

Over the course of the 6 weeks, you are encouraged to send in your lean-cipes, pictures of lean meals, workout videos, boomerangs, selfies, etc. You name it, the leansquad wants it! Everyone should be lean and proud. Just DM them to the leansquad shortly after they will be shared on the leansquad story to show everyones the hard work you’ve put in. Likewise, you are all encouraged to share your lean journey on your own social media. The whole idea is to leanspire as many people as possible to live a leaner, healthier lifestyle. The transformation will not be solely judged on weightloss and appearance, you will also be judged on your commitment to sharing your lean journey!

Good luck and let’s turn these holidays into leani-days!!!!