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Get your body, confidence and life back to it's best with workouts specifically designed to get you a leansane calorie burn, tone, lose weight and build your confidence in just 30 minutes, 4 times per week!


Blast Fat, Build lean muscle,
and transform your life!

  • Burn up to 700 calories per workout
  • Create a schedule that works for YOU!
  • Workout 1-5 times per week
  • Progressive programming so you NEVER plateau
  • Workouts for EVERY fitness level
  • Enjoy tasty and healthy recipes

Brodie's Transformation Journey

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Over 6 full programs to choose from where I workout with you in real time to guide, motivate and transform you so no matter your goals and fitness level, we will get results!

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Mouthwatering recipes built for YOUR body

My Job Is To
Motivate You

My job is to motivate you every single day. As a father to 4 boys aged 5 and under and a Husband, my goal is to help you feel more confident, energized and happier to get more out of every single day. Which is why I do every single workout alongside you! Sweating (and panting) but also motivating you to just do your best! Whether you’re a beginner or workout pro all you have to do is take action, and we will transform together!

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Mackenzie Family

Who Is
Phil Mackenzie

My name is Phil Mackenzie, and I am a former Professional Rugby Player and the Founder of the LEANSQUAD. After nearly 10 years of playing in the best league and two World Cups with Canada I eventually retired and as we were having our first son, Hudson, I made it my mission to help ANYONE and EVERYONE get fit in a realistic and sustainable way.

Mackenzie Family