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How is the LEANSQUAD App different than other Fitness Apps

During your Lean Challenge, Phil takes you along on a transformative fitness journey designed to unlock all your potential. Phil is not only brilliant coach, but he is also a real person – a father, son, and husband who faces relatable challenges on a daily basis. He’s with you on the good days, and most importantly the bad days, to help you stay consistent, build confidence and make the most of each and every day.

Lean Challenges are designed for all fitness levels and ensures you transform into the best version of yourself.

Is there an Android Version of the App?

We are not currently on the Android App store, but we do have a Web based app that functions the same as the iOS App and has all the functionalities except for Squads. You will see LEANMAZING results by doing you workouts & meals through the web app!

Am I too young/old?

Never! You can reach your goals at any age. Just ensure you select the workouts appropriate to your level of fitness, and take advantage of the modifications.

If you’re concerned, please have a chat with your doctor before commencing. You must be 18 years or over to purchase the program, so if you’re under 18 we ask that you check with your parents or guardian first.

I have a medical condition/ Injured/Pregnant/Breastfeeding. Can I still join LEANSQUAD?

Before commencing any new health, fitness or nutrition program, please consult with your doctor or general practitioner to discuss your individual needs. While the LEANSQUAD Team is here to provide general advice, you should seek professional help where individual assistance is needed.

Can I watch the workouts on a TV?

Yes! We have built in functionality on our App to cast to an Apple or any Chrome cast device! We want you to be able to follow along with your workouts on your biggest screen!!

Do you have Meal Plans on your App?

Yes! When you sign up for the LEANSQUAD app, you will have access to all LEANSQUAD Meals that are tailored to your body! Based on your body measurements, each meal has pre calculated macronutrient breakdowns (Proteins, Carbs & Fats) as well as portion sizes so that all you have to do is choose a meal, cook it up and enjoy!

The LEANSQUAD lifestyle is all about approachability and sustainability so we want to do all the hard work for you! Life is already busy, so the less calculation you have to do, the better!