When you sign up, you will fill out a detailed questionnaire that asks you a number of questions! Some of these include:


  • Your past and current activity level
  • Goals
  • Past and Present Injuries
  • Equipment availability
  • Current Schedule


  • Body Measurements (Height & Weight)
  • Dietary Restrictions
  • Food Intolerances
  • Food Aversions

As well as anything else that you feel might impact your 90 Day Lean Plan!

YES!! Definitely! Your meal plan is 100% customized to you and your needs which means that we can accommodate almost ANY dietary restriction, allergy, or intolerance!

YES!! We have a ton of tasty, nutritious and lean meals for Vegetarians, Pescatarians, Vegans! We are confident that you will love your meal plan!

YES!! Your workouts on your 90 Day Lean Plan will never be more than 1 hour! The workouts typically range from 30-50 mins which are short, intense and SUPER effective!

NO!! You DO NOT need a gym membership to be successful on the 90 Day Lean Plan! You can get lean anywhere with no equipment at all!

YES!! Your 90 Day Lean Plan is designed to work for you! We are not of the mindset that it’s “our way or the highway”. If you enjoy going to a Spin Class or Yoga once a week, we can build that into you customized plan!

YES!! We can implement specific long distance training as well as applicable cross training to help you feel your best on race day!

YES!! We have a couples program available where you both get your own customized 90 Day LEAN Plans and I also line up your meal plans so that you can cook together! Couples (or friends) that commit to their Lean Journey together most often see LEANMAZING RESULTS!! Lean Buddies are the best buddies!!

You also will BOTH RECEIVE 15% off your plans!

YES! As long as you are cleared by your doctor for physical activity, you start your Lean Journey!!