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the 90 day lean plan 

The whole reason the leansquad was started was because I knew there was a way to make getting leaner and healthier an enjoyable part of life. By combining short, intense, custom tailored workouts and tasty meals, you can feel more leanmazing than ever before for less than the cost of a smoothie a day! Your custom lean plan works out to under $6.00 a day for 90 days ($525 total or $175 monthly). 


leanmazing recipes!

Whatever your food preferences, vegan, vegetarian, meat lover, or gluten free, the leansquad will design a meal plan that is tasty, enjoyable and keeps your body burning!


custom workouts!!

By designing workouts based on you, your current fitness level and the equipment you have available you can be certain that you will have something easy to follow thats intense yet extremely gratifying. 


lean support!!!

Once you sign up for the 90 DAY LEAN PLAN you get direct access to Phil Mackenzie via text and email! Whether you have a question, need a little motivation, or just want to say hello, the leansquad is there for you!

“I absolutely LOVE this program as the workouts get you out of your comfort zone and the food is leanmazing!” - Squadie @tiffwideen

”Leansquad has been the perfect spark that has motivated me to get back in the gym and eating healthy again. The sessions are quick but intense. I love that the training program and nutrition program are tailored to me and my needs.” - Squadie @ashley.steacy

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Today is the day to start your lean journey and change your life forever!! Sign up now and let's get lean!

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