Why Consistency is the Key to Success

Happy Wednesday Squadies! When it comes to fitness, getting started is often the hardest part. However, the key to your long-term success is consistency. Today I am going to explain to you why that is, and why consistency is SO important!

You may be thinking “Okay Phil, I’ve gotten started so everything is going to start falling into place”. Yes, getting started is a HUGE step in the right direction, but it doesn’t mean anything if you stop after a week or two.

A lack of consistency is the number one thing that separates you from your goals. Squadies come and go, but the ones who succeed and continue on their journey are the ones who have developed consistency over the long term.

What is Consistency?

In simple terms, consistency is about showing up for something on a constant basis. In fitness, this could mean showing up for your workout 1x per week, 2x per week, etc. No matter the number, as long as you are there each week, you will start to develop consistency and notice better results.

In a fitness context, once you have consistently done enough workouts over a long period of time, it starts to become a habit. Your mind and body will actually become used to working out and will start to crave more exercise.

You will start enjoying the process and will feel more energized and confident! Developing consistency in fitness will also act as a lead domino for other areas of your life, whether that is sleep, nutrition, relationships, etc.

How Can I Become Consistent?

It doesn’t need to be extreme, your effort just needs to be consistent. Now you are probably reading this because fitness is a part of your life. So the first step is to start something that requires consistency and has some form of accountability.

I recommend starting with my 30 Day Lean Challenge. Not only will you be accountable to other Squadies in the challenge with you, but since you are paying for it. You will feel that extra push to get your money’s worth!

You don’t need to do every workout each week, decide what works for you based on your schedule and fitness level (ex. 2 workouts + 2 recovery sessions per week). Commit to that and show up for the entire 30 days. This should be long enough for you to develop consistency.

The reason a lot of people stop 1 or 2 weeks in is that they try to do too much at once. Starting small and building your way up is the best approach!

Once you start feeling good about your new fitness habit, you can begin to increase the number of workouts you do, the intensity, the length, etc.

My programs are designed for you to develop your consistency and progress over time. You can make your way through my bodyweight program, starting with the 30 Day Lean Challenge Phase 1, or you can start with my dumbbell program, the 6 Week Lean Challenge Phase 1 & 2.