What should you do on your DAY OFF?! Full Active Recovery & Stretch Workout

Ok Squadies,

To TAKE a day off or NOT to take a day off?

That is the LEAN QUESTION!

The Good news is that I have the Lean Answer for you!!


Firstly, before we dive any further into this post, I want to be very clear…. DAYS OFF (or REST DAYS) are VERY, VERY IMPORTANT! Overtraining is FAR TOO COMMON and a huge reason why so many people do not get the results they deserve. You may think you’re doing your body a favour by training every day, but the reality is that you are actually OVERTRAINING leading to fatigue which actually breaks your muscles DOWN (Yes that’s right, breaking the muscle down which you have worked so hard to build!)

Now, let’s talk about these REST DAYS… Have you ever taken a rest day and actually felt WORSE than the day before when you were training?! Well, if you have, join the club because this is a very, very common symptom of extremely inactive days. When we are extremely inactive, our metabolisms slow, our brain produces fewer endorphins and consequently, we feel tired and lethargic. Just like over training, we want manage our rest days JUST like our work days, to ensure that we are getting MOST REJUVENATION out of each rest day. LET ME EXPLAIN:

Firstly, comprehensive studies have shown that even after vigorous activity, low intensity exercise on “REST DAYS” has been shown to greatly improve recovery, mood and energy levels in athletes. This is why when I was a professional rugby player, the morning after a game, we would perform an active recovery and stretch routine. I personally, LOVED it! I felt as though it flushed the lactic acid out of my muscles, and most importantly prepared me for our next day of training!

This is why I want to share a FULL ACTIVE STRETCH AND RECOVER DAY with you, so that you can do at home or in the gym on YOUR REST DAY! It’s only 7 minutes and I promise if you give it a go on your “rest day” first thing in the morning it will energize you to smash the day. SO make sure you save this workout and give it a go. I promise it can be transformative.