What can you Eat/Drink While in a FASTED STATE?

Hello Squadies! Today we are taking it back to a topic I LOVE: Intermittent Fasting. Intermittent fasting is something I practice quite regularly in my life. It has a TON of health benefits and can be super helpful for anyone trying to lose fat while still retaining muscle. It is also great for those of you looking to lose fat QUICKER as you can burn more fat when working out in a fasted state. To learn more about this check out my blog post Intermittent Fasting: Morning Workouts & Breaking Your Fast

If you want to learn more about the basics of intermittent fasting and what it is, check out my post Intermittent Fasting: A Beginners Guide


What can you eat and drink while in a fasted state?

To put it simply, in order to keep your body in a fasted state you can only drink or eat things that have 0 calories. Anything that has a caloric value can and WILL spike your insulin and kick you out of a fast, there are very few exceptions, but it is usually best to not press your luck and stay away from the calories. Here are some things you can have while fasted:






WATER is an easy one, and is definitely something you should always have on you while in a fasted state. Our bodies are 60% water and on average, you should be drinking around 2 litres of it a day. Intermittent fasting gives you a chance to FOCUS on your water intake, since you cannot eat any calories, reaching for water instead of anything else probably the best option out there. I know what you are probably thinking,

But water is boring Phil!! 

Your water doesn’t have to be boring! If you need some flavour to help you stay satiated, head to the store and grab yourself a 0 calorie water sweetener, such as mio. Always remember to check that is is 0 calories before purchasing! Another great option is flavoured 0 calorie carbonated water. Carbonated water helps make you feel full due to the carbonation and can definitely help with those pesky food cravings while fasted. 


Lemons are great to have on hand while in a fasted state! Although they technically do contain a single calorie, having lemons will not spike your insulin and will keep you in a fasted state. Not only will they not break your fast, but they can also help enhance your fast by speeding up your metabolism and giving you a nice boost of energy. I like to start my day off with a nice hot cup of water with lemon in the morning even before I have my much needed coffee! 

3. TEA

Tea is a great option to have while fasted. When choosing your tea, make sure to choose one that has no added sugar. Also, try and stay away from super fruity teas as even the sugars in the natural fruits can break your fast. The best options would be a black or herbal based tea. If you are not a coffee drinker but need that caffeine boost in the morning, I would suggest trying a caffeinated green or black tea. Another important note is that you should be drinking your tea BLACK! If you add any sugar or dairy, you WILL break your fast! 


Ah coffee, one of my favourite things to have in the morning! Coffee is a great option to have while in a fasted state. Again, just like the tea, you must drink it BLACK in order to stay fasted. Coffee, like lemons, can help enhance your fast! It can help speed up your metabolism and get you feeling energized right in the morning! For all of you out there who like pre-workout before the gym, unfortunately a regular pre-workout will break your fast. Although this is the case a black coffee is the perfect solution! Drink some black coffee before your workout to get that boost of energy! 


 Although you cannot have any sugar while in a fasted state, there are certain SWEETNERS that contain 0 calories and can be consumed while fasting, a great example is erythritol. If you can stomach your tea or coffee black, you can find youself a 0 calorie artificial sweetner to add into your morning drink!

There you have it Squadies! 5 things you can eat / drink while in a fasted state!