Happy Wednesday Squadies!

Mine and Brodie’s wedding day is one we definitely won't ever forget! It was an incredibly special day filled with love and some of the best moments of our life together. We were not only fortunate enough to have a beautiful location and event but most importantly, we were surrounded by our friends, family and of course, each other. It was literally everything we could have asked for and more.

And seeing as Wedding season is quickly approaching, Brodie & I wanted to share our wedding video with you, as well as some of our top tips to not only look your best on your wedding day, but most importantly FEEL YOUR BEST. That way, you can enjoy your wedding day energized, confident, and stress free!

P.S. make sure you read everything! There are tips from real squadies who recently got married, as well as Squadie & wedding planner Shealyn Angus actually planned our wedding!

THE DAY OF OUR WEDDING: The day of our wedding did not go exactly how I expected it to go - in the best way possible. Like most things in life, I had an idea of how it was going to go, but i knew that no matter what happened, I was marrying the love of my life and that’s what mattered most!

Throughout the whole 5 years we dated before getting married, I had never cried in front of Brodie and then with one week to go until the big day, Brodie literally asked if I thought I would cry and I foolishly said "why would I cry? it's going to be the happiest day ever." Unfortunately, when I said this I had no idea "tears of overwhelming joy" were a real thing. So, on our wedding day, to say I was caught of guard was an understatement. The moment I laid eyes on Brodie in here wedding dress was the moment my emotions got the better of me. I literally could not stop crying. I cried at the reveal, I cried before going down at the aisle, I cried during our vows, I cried during our speeches, and I pretty much cried anywhere and everywhere we went. So, for anyone out there wondering, tears of joy and happiness do exist! Do not be surprised if you experience them on your wedding day!

But before all the tears on our wedding day, there was also an incredible build up to our special day. Engagement parties, bachelorette & bachelor parties, wedding plan, food tasting, etc are all incredible parts of your wedding journey and making sure you ENJOY each and every moment feeling your best is crucial. Otherwise, when you look back, you will be overwhelmed with regret! So to avoid this, Brodie and I came up with our top 3 tips to share with anyone getting married!

Brodies #1 Tip: Don’t Sweat the Small Details 

When planning a wedding, there are a ton of parts in motion. Choosing a location, menu, guests, theme, dress - the list goes on! There is always something to do or another detail to add. The same goes for the wedding day itself. Throughout all the events leading up to the wedding and the wedding itself, don’t sweat the details! Focusing on the little things can cause you so much stress. You only get married ONCE, so you don’t want to waste it stressing over details! The most important thing to remember is you are finally doing it, you are marrying the person you love - that will be the case whether the table settings are copper or salmon. All the little things are inconsequential in the end!

#2 Give yourself Time

Brodie and I on our wedding day

BRODIE: If you have any goals you want to reach before your wedding day, always remember that no good and lasting change happens over night! For example, if you have fitness/ physique goals you want to hit before the wedding, I wouldn't suggest a crash diet. I have tried it before, it makes me cranky, moody and overall makes me feel terrible. Worst of all, I don’t get the results I want. What I decided to do instead and what I suggest is setting a long term goal, I chose to span my fitness goal over a 3 month period. I chose the 3 month period because it's a long enough time frame to sustainably transform my body while keeping energy levels and mood high. I had two bachelorette parties (one in Spain & one in Vegas), engagement parties (in Toronto & Vancouver) and obviously, and most importantly our Wedding day to look forward to and my number one goal was to FEEL CONFIDENT and HAPPY at all of these events. My number one suggestion to all my friends is make sure your training, and way of eating is ENJOYABLE! Stressing over every single calorie in the build up to your wedding is the WORST thing you can do! It's important to enjoy the "whoopsies" as Phil likes to call them!

P.S. if you want to try a free meal plan click here! It's filled with yummy recipes that will help you achieve your fitness goals without crash dieting!

PHIL: A lot of people actually don't know this, but the leansquad was officially created because of our wedding. I created a group chat with all my friends back in Canada while I was playing professional rugby in England called the "leansquad" for the sole purpose of helping my friends "get lean" for my bachelor party. I then built a 3 month LEAN PLAN for each friend coming on my bachelor party in Vegas. They all LOVED the training & the food, and by the time we got to Vegas, my friends we're leaner, stronger, and happier then ever before! It was one of the best trips of my life!! And afterwards, they all carried on their training.

So long story short, is DO NOT TRY A QUICK FIX in the build up to your wedding. Focus on sustainability and enjoying your training and foods. That way, your confidence will sky rocket while stress levels will actually reduce. Mark the events in your calendar early enough, and use them as motivation to smash your training!!!


#3 Enjoy the moment! 


BRODIE: You spend hours, days, weeks, and months planning your wedding! All this time ultimately goes into planning ONE single day out of your entire life. Because you spend so much time planning it and are so busy throughout that day, it can be super easy to let it fly by. Next thing you know, you are waking up the next day and IT’S ALREADY OVER!! During your wedding day (and all the events leading up to it) make sure to take it all in, breath, live in that moment! Don’t stress about the honeymoon packing you still need to do or what new tasks might face you tomorrow. Instead, lock all the stressful or future thoughts away and focus on the moment in front of you! Embracing every single second of the day with your loved ones, friends and of course your bride or groom to be!

Also, huge shout out to Squadie & our Wedding Planner Shealyn. Her details are below! Instagram @shealynangus or www.shealynangus.com

Looking to get lean before your wedding day?! Check out these LEANSANE transformations of some Squadies who signed up to get LEAN for their weddings!:

Here are some words from a couple of our bride to be's after experiencing the leansquad:

“I am officially finished my 90 day lean-plan, and I feel freakin amazing! When I lived in Sweden for 6 months, I really was on a vacation. I was the heaviest I had ever been and hated the way I looked. Coming home from Sweden, engaged to my fiancé, and having that goal to look and feel good, not only on my wedding day, but in general, I wanted to push myself harder then ever, but didn’t know how. I would have never spent the time I did in the gym, working as hard as I did pushing myself everyday if it wasn’t for your plan. I tried numerous things, plans, and diets, but never saw a change. Thank you so much. I honestly love my new lean-mazing life style! I’m going to continue to push and push until that big day, and there after!!”

Wedding Planner & Shealyn Angus (@shealynangus):

"The best way to truly enjoy and thrive on your wedding day is to have a great plan! Knowing that everything is thoroughly thought out and responsibilities are allocated will allow you to relax and enjoy. And if possibly, giving yourself a bit of down time or time alone with your new spouse is a really awesome way to take a step back, breathe, and truly grasp the impact of the day!"

To find out more about the perfect lean plan for you click HERE!