Welcoming the Mackenzie Twins! | Boden & Preston Mackenzie | Natural Twin Birth

Hey Squadies! I know a number of you have seen our Instagram Posts (and maybe even watched the YouTube!), but I wanted to share one of the most amazing days of our lives! We welcomed our twin baby boys Boden & Preston into the world on March 26th. I’ve never been so overwhelmed with emotions watching Brodie bring these beautiful boys into our lives. We had hoped for an "as normal of an experience possible" considering we were having twins during a global health crisis. Hospital rules were changing weekly and we had to accept the normal “experience” we had with Hudson’s birth wouldn’t be the case this time around. The emotions and uncertainty that we knew would come with giving birth during this pandemic made us nervous leading up to the big day, but it all faded once we laid eyes on the twins and held them for the first time! It truly was an overwhelming experience (but one I would NOT have changed for the world).
Brodie was an absolute rock-star and carried the twins all the way to 37 weeks! When we first found out we were pregnant with twins it was crazy! Neither of us expected that news and it caught us totally off guard! Now that they are here, we can’t imagine it any other way. Leading up to their birth Brodie had to go on bedrest during the to help her body handle all the rapid changes from growing 2 babies. We found out at one of our later appointments that both babies were close to 7 pounds EACH! As the due date neared, we got as prepared as you can be for twins and tried to stay as safe and sane as we could amid quarantine. We both had a lot of nerves surrounding giving birth during COVID-19. The closer our induction date came the more we wanted to meet them and bring them home safely!
Our induction date got moved up 4 days to March 26th because our OB took on one of her colleagues shifts -- it was officially time to head to the hospital! Brodie felt she was going into labor regardless that day because she was having fairly regular contractions. We had to call the hospital a few times that morning because they were full but around noon they told us to head down! We got there and got into the room for Brodie to be induced. Something to note, with twins they bring you into the OR to deliver incase they need to do an emergency c-section. We all gowned up and made the journey to the OR as it was officially time to start. Both babies were in position, so the doctors told Brodie to start pushing! Boden Barry Mackenzie was officially born at 10:10 PM and almost an hour later at 10:58 PM Preston James Mackenzie was born. All of the doctors and nurses were in total awe of what Brodie had just done! She had both boys naturally and couldn’t have been happier. We were able to capture the full birth journey and I’m so excited to be able to share it with you all!

Bringing the Twins Home!
We spent 3 nights at the hospital to ensure that all of the Twin’s tests and checks came back positive and we were cleared to leave! On Sunday morning we officially got the green light to head home! We were so excited to get the twins home and into our routine with them. We were also so excited to officially have Hudson meet his baby brothers! He had been excited about the babies for months, and although we were disappointed originally he couldn’t come to the hospital, his at home meeting with them was everything we could have asked for! He took to the big brother role instantly and seeing the boys all together was such a special moment. The new normal is for sure a combination of not a lot of sleep/diaper changes/endless coffees, but I have felt more committed than ever to sticking to a home workout routine to maximize my energy and health! I am also so passionate about continuing to help everyone with their health and fitness during quarantine. That’s one of the main reasons I launched the Quaran-Lean workouts and PE for kids! Its so so important for all of us, kids included, to stay physically active throughout these times. I know we cant go out or to a gym but my Quaranlean home workouts are fully designed around just that! You can stay home and get lean!
Our New, Family of 5!
There is without a doubt, a lot of fear in the world at the moment; The COVID-19 Pandemic has brought the world to an apparent standstill which is unlike anything I (or many of us) have seen in our lifetimes. With that said, it is so important to stay positive and focus on coming together! For Brodie and I, now more than ever, this could not be more true! When we brought the twins home, it was a truly a blessing and all of my initial fears dissipated -- Life was truly put into perspective. We can now both truly say that we’ve never felt so much love and positivity in our lives before. So let’s keep focusing on the good, uplifting one another and spreading the love Squadies. If you have not seen it quite yet, I have been filming daily Bodyweight Workouts (QUARAN-LEAN Class Pass) to help you stay active and lean while in Quarantine! Each Class is $10 CAD, or you can purchase the remaining classes in the week for $35 CAD! The best part is that, 50% of the proceeds from the classes are being donated to those who have been hit hardest by the COVID-19 Pandemic! Further, Longo's has agreed to MATCH all donations!! I am truly SO excited! If you haven't had a chance to join in, CLICK HERE Additionally, if you ARE ready to make a lifelong change; Get your Body Moving; Eating Health; Feeling More Energized and Confident, DO NOT HESITATE to reach out! We still have 20% off ALL HOME LEAN PLANS! Use the Code: QUARANLEAN20 at Checkout 

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