Tips & Tricks: How to Stay on TRACK!

Tips & Tricks: From Squadies TO Squadies!

Happy Monday Squadies!

Who’s ready to SMASH their lean week?! What better way to get into the lean spirit then with a MOTIVATIONAL blog post?! This week, I decided to ask my Squadies about what helps them stay on track throughout their lean journey! 

GET EXCITED and ready for some motivation courtesy of squadies who have walked the same path as you. They started with a problem, whether it was needing to lose a couple of pounds of fat, gain some muscle or even better their mental state. From there, they decided to take the plunge, found their own unique ways to motivate themselves (and each other) and pushed through the first few days of lean eating and working out. Each day, they got closer and closer to their goals, feeling more energized and motivated. I asked all these Squadies what kept them going and helped them stay on track, I went through all their responses and came up with the TOP 4 answers! Here are 4 TIPS & TRICKS from SQUADIES to SQUADIES! 

1. The GRAM! 

A ton of Squadies said one of their main sources of inspiration comes from the leansquad Instagram page! Everyday, I share inspiration on my page through stories and posts. Sometimes I post about my family, my workouts and what keeps me motivated everyday which can in turn, help my squadies get or stay motivated! Above all, the top thing that your fellow squadies are motivated by is the content I share about other squadies! Everyday, I share something from a Squadie, whether it’s a lean meal photo, an inspirational text message or a workout selfie! Of the Squadie posts, transformation photos are the MOST inspiring content! 

Looking at other Squadies leansane results can help YOU better see what you can achieve - All these other squadies did it, so why can’t you?! Instead of spending all morning scrolling through your instagram discover page, take a few minutes to check out some transformation photos on my instagram page and let the motivation begin!

2. Planning and Meal Prepping 

No matter HOW busy you are - if you can take 10 minutes out of your schedule to PLAN, you will have more success in your lean journey! Planning is SO important, especially when you are diving into something new. At first, it can seem like a lot! If you were the guy who went to the gym once a week, ate takeout or fast food often and barley cooked, all home cooked meals and 5 workouts a week can seem overwhelming! How can you fit it into your schedule?! It IS possible if you PLAN! 

There are a ton of different ways to go about this, but the easiest way to start planning is with a daily agenda. Write down all your to-do’s for the day/week, then begin to PLAN the leanness in! If you work late on Tuesdays, can you wake up 40 minutes early and smash a quick workout? If you have to drop off the kids at school on Thursday, can you squeeze in a workout right after work? Once you have it all written down, you can easily see where you have room and where you need to MAKE room for the leanness! When you have a set schedule, it alleviates a lot of the anxieties and worries of starting something new and makes the transition a lot easier! 

A HUGE part of planning is meal prepping! There were a ton of Squadies who joined and at first, struggled with eating properly. Why? They didn’t have TIME to cook! This is where meal prepping comes in. Life gets busy, and it can be hard to cook fresh healthy meals every night. If you PLAN ahead and schedule an hour or 2 a couple days a week for meal prepping, you will be SET for the next 3-4 days of eating! I know what some of you are thinking, I don’t have TIME to meal prep! The first couple of times you meal prep, it may seem like it’s taking forever, and it may be hard to find the time and days that work for you, but the more you do it, the easier & quicker it will become! Always remember, everything seems harder at first, but once you make that decision and stick to it, things will only get easier from there! 

3. Waking up Early and Working Out 

This is something I suggest to all my Squadies, TRY MORNING WORKOUTS! SO many Squadies have seen success with early morning routines and workouts. This is especially helpful for those of you who have busy schedules and don’t have much time for working out throughout your day. When you wake up early, you are essentially EXTENDING your day, therefore creating time you can use to get your workout done! If you don’t typically workout often and have a busy day-to-day schedule it may be impossible to fit working out into the routines you currently have. This means you will have to do some work in RE-WORKING those routines to fit the leanness in! We have had Squadies coming from all different paths, some have full time jobs, kids and a family to take care of. Some are always on the move, whether they are traveling for work or have a week packed full of meetings, these people have found a way to make it work! How?! By waking up early and working out! Now of course, this doesn’t work for everyone, but a good amount of Squadies have recommended this as a key to success! 

One reason why I highly recommend morning workouts is because of how it makes you FEEL throughout the day. You will feel more energized and less lethargic! Morning workouts also get your metabolism going right off the hop, ensuring you are burning MORE and feeling GREAT throughout the rest of your day!

4. Set Small Goals 

I bet most of you have goals, you want to lose 20 lbs, you want to build lean muscle, you want to travel the world! These are all great goals to have, and can be achieved in time - but what about the small goals? One thing that a ton of Sqaudies use to stay on track is setting SMALL weekly or daily goals. What do these small goals look like? They can be as small as taking the stairs at work one day, or saying no to the donuts your coworkers brought in. Give yourself small achievable goals every day or every week and see how leanmazing you will feel once you achieved it! These small goals give you something to look forward to and create little bits of motivation, helping you to keep pushing and stay on track!

Why are setting small goals so important?! Like anything in life, your fitness journey is a process, you will not see results overnight. Let’s look at an analogy - losing 20 lbs is a the top of the mountain, each step towards the top is one of your small goals. Each small step you take will lead you closer to your big goal! When you are standing at the bottom of the mountain looking up, it can seem impossible to get there. Once you stop focusing on the top and instead, focus on each step, next thing you know, you will be that much closer to the top!

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If you have any tips or tricks you use to stay on track, SHARE THEM WITH ME on instagram by tagging me @leansquad and I will share the leanness and hopefully help Squadies everywhere stay motivated and on track!