Happy Monday Squadies!

I have returned home from my LEANSANE trip to Japan! Throughout my trip, there were a ton of times were I didn’t have access to a gym or workout space, which to some, means no workout. I am here today to share with you why this is NOT THE CASE! No matter where you are, how much space or time you do or don’t have, you can still GET LEAN! 

All you need is a space that is no larger than the length and width of your body. Give yourself enough space to stretch out your arms and legs in either direction. This space can be the small space between 2 double beds in your hotel room or in my case, I used the tiny hall space between the door and bed area! All you need is only 12 minutes and you can get this workout done! How simple is that?! Basically, If you can wake up 20 minutes early, you can get this workout done!

Worried about bothering your neighbors? Lucky for you, this workout is a VERY QUIET one! Since it is low impact, there is no jumping, no super fast movements or anything that can cause too much noise! 

This is a NO EXCUSE WORKOUT! If you want to get LEAN, you CAN do it! No matter how much space or time you have! Get this workout done first thing in the morning and have some extra leanergy to help get you through the day! 

There you have it Squadies! If you do this workout or any of my other workouts, TAG ME @LEANSQUAD on Instagram so I can share the LEANNESS and help MOTIVATE others to get moving!