FOOLPROOF TIPS: Making Time for a Healthy Diet

"I Don’t Have Time to Follow a Healthy Diet!"

  For all of the Squadies out there struggling to find time to eat healthy or meal prep, I have some foolproof tips to help you have LEANNESS IN MINUTES!  

1. The Frozen aisle is your Best lean Buddy!

There tends to be a huge misconception around the frozen aisle. Many people believe that all you find in the frozen aisle are Whoopsies and junk foods filled with preservatives when in reality, that’s not the case! Yes, you can find ice cream, toaster strudels, fries, and unhealthy microwave dinners in the frozen aisle, BUT you can also find some SUPER LEAN options too! Frozen veggies are some of the freshest veggies you can buy. Most of the time, when you buy veggies in the produce aisle, they have gone through a pretty long process to get on that shelf. From farm to facility to transportation, those fresh veggies aren’t so fresh anymore. Frozen veggies are taken straight from their fresh state and are frozen, which means you are LOCKING in the freshness and nutrients! Frozen veggies are also super quick and easy to make, just throw them in a pan, and once they are thawed & cooked, they are ready to go! This can be a HUGE time saver! You don’t have to worry about prep time, (cutting chopping and cleaning) PLUS frozen veg only takes a couple minutes to cook!     The frozen aisle also has some frozen meat options which are quick, easy and healthy. A plain frozen chicken breast is so versatile, all you have to do is heat it up in the microwave or in a pan for a couple of minutes and you’ve got yourself a healthy source of protein! Perfect for salads, stir-fry’s or even for a quick wrap! AND!!! For all you vegans out there, frozen meatless meats are a great quick option for you! There are products such as meatless meatballs or meatless ground beef, perfect to mix with some veg, throw in a bowl and serve in less than 10 minutes! Finally, another great find in the frozen aisle is frozen fruits. You can use frozen fruits to make quick smoothies for after the gym or for when you need a snack on the go!    


Most grocery stores have a section of healthy prepared foods - perfect for quick and easy dinners and meal preps! One of my favourite pre-prepared goto’s is a rotisserie chicken. You don’t even need to warm it up, just pick one up at the grocery store and its ready to go! For all those meal preppers out there, one rotisserie chicken can provides enough protein for a couple days of meal prep! Try changing up the veg each day to keep things different, and BOOM, you’ve got 3 days of meal prepped lunch in no time! Next, grocery stores also usually have prepared veggie mixes and greens for those super busy days, which are a perfect healthy option. Along with prepared veggies, you can also find pre-prepped foods, such as spiralled zucchini and pre-chopped veggies. Another quick pre-prepared option is canned beans. Now of course there are unhealthy bean options which you should stay away from such as baked or fried beans, but there are a ton of healthy beans which are perfect to add some healthy fats and protein into your meal! Chickpeas, kidney beans, black beans, and pinto beans are just some of the few healthier options. You can throw some beans on top of a salad or into a quick Mexican stir-fry as a quick and easy meal prep or dinner!  

3.Instant Pots & Crock Pots

    I CANNOT stress it enough, Instant Pots can save you a TON of time! Not only are they time savers but you can make such a variety of different foods and dishes using them! It’s as simple as waking up 10 minutes early in the morning, throwing some healthy lean-gredients into the pot, setting a timer, and that’s it! When you get home from work, you will have a yummy, flavourful meal ready to go! If you aren’t sure what to cook using a crock pot or instant pot, check out some of my recipes such as Slow Cooker: Coconut Quinoa Curry or this Chicken Tuscan Soup. Crock pots and instant pots are also super affordable! For example, this instant pot found on Amazon is under $100!  


    It is commonly believed that meal prepping is a long and daunting process, when in reality, this is not the case! There are so many quick and easy ways to make meal prepping work, even when you are short on time. All of the tips talked about above can be used for quick dinners or for meal prepping! You do not have to dedicate an entire day to cooking and meal prepping can simply be making some extra food at dinner and packing it for lunch the next day, that’s it! You’re already cooking anyways, so why not save some time and money and make a little extra for lunch the next day? With frozen veggies and pre-prepared meats, you can make yourself a simple lunch that can be different each day, whether you change the dressings, the veggies or the meat, you wont have to worry about getting bored! There you have it Squadies! My tips on keeping up with a healthy diet when you are short on time!