The LEAN-Scoop on Vacation Lean-tivities!

When we think of vacation, what usually comes to mind is friends, relaxation, family, and fun! While we DEFINITELY want to relax and enjoy our vacation, I also really encourage you to try out some NEW Lean-tivities! Whenever I go on vacation, I like to find different activities that help me stay lean, feel good, but are much different than the lean-tivities I do on a regular basis! The best part about turning your vacation into a LEAN-CATION is that the lean-tivities are fun and can be done with friends and family so you can stay lean while still enjoying yourself! Here are 3 types of lean-tivities you can try out while on vacation!


HIKING: Get outside, and get the body burning!! Hiking is one of those activities that is good for your whole body! Instead of visiting your hotel gym (this is not a bad option if you want to spend the day at the pool), go online (or talk to a local) and locate a good hiking trail! Getting outside and getting moving is the perfect way to spend your holiday! It not only gets your body moving, but it is also great for mental relaxation! There are SO many LEAN-mazing hiking opportunities in nearly EVERY vacation destination around the globe! Hiking is a full body workout with the most work being placed on your body muscles such as your quads and glutes. If you are gone for a week, trying to pick 2 hikes during the week is a great way to stay active, while exploring your vacation destination.


There are a number of factors that effect how much of a burn you will get when hiking. Your height, weight, what you’re carrying, and how difficult or steep the hike all factor in to how much you will burn on your hike. Typically, during an hour long, average intensity hike, your body will burn anywhere from 420-550 calories! If you are looking get a bigger burn out of your lean-tivity, try picking up the pace, or carry a heavier bag or backpack. HOWEVER! What is MOST important is that you get outside and get active. Fresh air and getting the body moving are two of the most important things in turning your vacation into a LEAN-cation!


Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 4.29.11 PM.png

If you are vacationing in the winter to a colder destination, there are plenty of activities you can do in the snow to help keep the body burning! Some of the most popular destinations for a winter vacation are Ski Resorts!! Skiing and snowboarding are two activities that are fantastic at increasing your heart rate and getting the body burning!


With the addition of that extra clothing, you’ve already added a little weight vest! Similar to hiking, your caloric burn is dependant on a number of different variables, however, typically during an hour of skiing or snowboarding your body will burn anywhere between 400-500 calories! If there are no ski hills around… Snowshoeing, Cross country Skiing and Skating are all great winter alternatives! Each of these lean-tivities will get your body moving, provide you with some fresh air, and take your vacation, into a LEAN-cation in NO TIME!



Heading to a warm destination this Christmas like me and my family? The beach and the ocean are two of the EASIEST places to get the body burning (You can always do one of my outdoor HIIT workouts as well) The ocean provides SO many opportunities for Lean-tivity is Lean-sane: Swimming, surfing, paddle boarding, and boogie boarding all get your body FIRED up while being super fun at the same time!


When you’re swimming, you can burn more calories then you’d think! Doing laps (or swimming/snorkelling in the ocean) at a medium pace for an hour can burn around 500 calories! This is also a GREAT leantivity for Squadies who want to keep their exercise “low impact”. My other favourite Aqua Lean-tivity is Paddle Boarding! You can improve your balance and get your heart rate up while working out your entire body, including legs arms and core. On average you can burn double the calories you would by just walking, while leisurely cruising on your paddle boarding; this works out to approximately 300-500 calories an hour. This gives you a chance to burn some calories while still relaxing and having a good time with friends and family! If you’re planning on spending your vacation at the beach, give a few of these lean-tivites a try and have your body burning without even thinking about it!!

There you have it! 3 different types of activities you can do to get the body burning calories while on vacation!