The Lean Reset Challenge: Everything You Need to Know

Squadies, the new year is officially here! With a new year comes a new chance to start fresh and reset our bodies, minds and lives so they are more aligned with our goals. One of the best ways to hit the refresh button, and feel a change both physically and mentally, is through working out.

My brand new challenge, the Lean Reset Challenge, is now live and available for those looking for transformative change in their lives in 2023. If this sounds like you, keep reading below for all the details you need to know about the Lean Reset Challenge.

How does it work?

The Lean Reset Challenge is 3 weeks long with each week containing 4 main workouts, 4 finishers, 1 express workout, and 3 recovery sessions. The main workouts are only 30 minutes long and require dumbbells.

You have full flexibility over how many of the main workouts you would like to do each week; this is your Weekly Lean Goal. When you first join, you can choose from 1-4 workouts for your goal. Try to set a Lean Goal that is challenging but not out of reach for you. You can always exceed your Lean Goal if you are feeling up for it!

Who is it for?

This Lean Challenge is beginner friendly! This is actually Brodie's first time working out since giving birth to baby Ashton 3 months ago and even though she is my toughest critic and curses my name, she is loving the workouts and getting her old self back!!!

It is also perfect for intermediates looking to get back into a routine of working out. Regardless of skill level, I encourage you throughout the challenge to increase your weights to help burn more fat and build more lean muscle.

​We will be performing beginner dumbbell exercises, most of which are low impact. We are also combining various types of training ranging from HIIT, strength, and cardio each week to maximize fat burn, weight loss and toning! You will see a huge change in your body composition if you stick with this!

Finally, each week we will gradually progress in difficulty each week to ensure you are getting stronger, burning more fat, and feeling your best!

Do I need to have a gym membership?

No! All workouts can be done from home so long as you have dumbbells. They can also be completed in the gym if you would like.

I want to make it as easy as possible for you to get your workout in, which is why I design my challenges so they can be done all from home.

How do I join?

1. Click here to sign up for the LEANSQUAD App.

2. Open the app and select the Lean Reset Challenge, press Start Challenge. Choose your Weekly Workout Goal and whether you want Music or No Music.

3. Then press "Get Started on Monday" to start fresh this upcoming Monday OR press "Start Challenge Now" to have your Week 1 start today.

4. Congratulations, you have officially joined the Lean Reset Challenge! If your challenge starts on the upcoming Monday, then your Challenge screen will provide you with some workouts to do in the meantime. Take a look around, complete some workouts, and get ready for the start of the challenge! Once your challenge starts, you will see your Week 1 overview along with the workouts you can choose from to meet your goal.

4. Last but certainly not least, be proud for committing to a challenge to improve you physical and mental health! Taking that first step is truly the hardest part and you've gotten past that. I can't wait to see you progress along your Lean Journey and crush your Lean Goals!

Make 2023 the year that you get your confidence, energy and life back to its best! Join me and hundreds of Squadies and start the Lean Reset Challenge today!

Click here to sign up for the LEANSQUAD App and join the Lean Reset Challenge!