The Beyond Meat Burger Review

The Beyond Meat Burger Review

You’ve probably seen it before - the Beyond Meat Burger! People everywhere have been raving about this burger. I wanted to give my Squadies an honest review to let you all know what I THINK of the Beyond Meat Burger! In order to honestly review this product, I will be breaking it down into pros and cons. Is it healthy? How does it taste? Would I eat it again?

Read on to find out…


1.Ingredient list

Since this is a burger intended to… taste like meat with no absolutely no meat products, it is not surprising that there are a ton of ingredients. That being said, the main 4 ingredients are water, pea protein, canola oil and coconut oil. Pea protein is definitely a healthy ingredient and is what gives the burger such a high protein content. Although lots of oil (Canola, olive, avocado, coconut) is not the healthiest for you, if you you want that “juicy” tasty when you bite into the burger — oil is a must. On the other hand, the ingredients, that we usually try to stay away from are those that are hard to pronounce: methylcellulose and gum arabic.

2. Sodium content

If you are sensitive to sodium, this is not the burger for you! There is 380mg of sodium in 1 patty! This number is a lot higher than in a regular meat burger. High doses of Sodium is not good for you and will leave you feeling bloated, thirsty, and craving more salt!

Like anything, you often have to take the good with the bad. In this case, outside of the Sodium content and and a few undesirable ingredients, the Beyond Meat Burger checks a number of Lean Boxes!




1. Macros

The macros on the beyond meat burger are super comparable to the macros of a regular burger. With 20g of protein, 5g of fat and 5g of carbs (net carbs of only 2g!). The most surprising thing to me is the carb content. Most vegan burgers have a TON of carbs and not as much protein. The beyond meat burger is definitely a great vegan choice if you are looking for something with lots of protein and less carbs.

2. Good alternative to real beef

The Beyond Meat Burger is definitely not just meant for vegans or vegetarians, it is also a burger for all you meat eaters out there!! Meat does have some health benefits, but too much of it is not too good for you.

Throughout an animals lifespan, they ingest a substantial number of antibiotics and hormones. Then, when meat is produced and packaged, those same antibiotics and hormones are still present in the meat which you buy. This means two things: (1) If you are eating meat, make sure you know where it comes from and, (2) Make sure you are consuming meat in moderation — HELLO BEYOND MEAT BURGER!

3. Taste

One of my favourite things about this burger is its taste. If you a looking for a plant based burger that really feels, tastes and looks like meat, then Beyond Meat Burger is definitely a good choice. If you gave me this burger beside a beef burger, the difference is not that drastic!!

Overall, I would definitely recommend the beyond meat burger! It is super tasty, it is better for the environment than a traditional meat burger, and it can quash your meat cravings without having to eat meat! That being said, this is not something I would add to my everyday meal plan. Just like a regular burger, it is good in moderation!!