The best stretches for tight hips: 10 Minute. Ultimate Hip Stretch Follow Along

Happy Wednesday Squadies,
Do you suffer from tight and sore hips? Well, if so do not fear, because I have the perfect hip stretch and mobility session just for you!
I have created the 10 minute Ultimate Hip Stretch, which is only 10 minutes, follow along, and combines some of the best movements and static stretches for your hips that will completely transform how your hips feel and move.
The fact of the matter is, that we can all experience tight hips, from sitting on your computer all day to regular gym-goers and professional athletes (I’ve fallen in all 3 of these categories)! Poor hip mobility can contribute to issues like lower back pain, knee problems… and it can gets in the way of our workouts and other stuff you want to do!
Tight hips may also put you at increased risk for injury due to the increased demands on tissues that aren't moving correctly. Not to mention the fact that the more pain and tightness we have in our hips, the more uncomfortable and worse we feel during the day and in turn our mental health will suffer.
As a professional athlete, I have dealt with tight hips throughout my career. I have addressed these issues through utilizing these 10 Minute Stretches, which have made a massive difference in my mobility and overall well-being!
Keeping reading to learn the best hip stretching routine to address all of these issues and help unlock and loosen your hip!

What are your Hip Flexors?

The hip flexors are a group of muscles toward the front of the hip. They have you move or flex your leg and knee up towards your body, giving you a free range of motion. There are three key muscles, the iliacus, psoas major, and the rectus femoris, that may become tight and compressed due to daily activities.

How do you know you have tight Hip Flexors?

It is important to listen to your body, especially when experiencing pain and discomfort. You may experience tightness or an ache in your lower back, especially when standing, poor posture, difficulty standing straight, and pain in your glutes. I actually had/ have a bulging disc from an injury I sustained during my rugby career and at one point, was almost unable to do anything. That was of course, until I started to combine stretching AND mobility movements focusing on and around my hips. Over time, my back pain and hip tightness completely disappeared.
This is why I am SO EXCITED to share this 10 minute hip stretch and mobility routine with you. If you repeat this 2-3 times a week you will quickly see a massive difference in your hip health and how your hips feel.
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What's the benefit of hip stretches and mobility exercises?

Our hips provide a stable base for the spine to keep the body in an upright position, but also provides enough movement to allow our lower limbs to move around the spine. Stretching combined with mobility exercises provides a massive relief of discomfort and pain all while improving over all range of motion and lengthening of surrounded muscles for better flexibility.

Stretching the hip flexors can have a number of benefits including:

  • Greater hip flexibility and mobility
  • Improved stride length
  • Decreased pain in lower back, hip, groin and/or knee

Click on the video below and follow my 10 Minute. Ultimate Hip Stretch Follow Along routine! When done 2-3 times per week will make a huge noticeable difference in your hips.

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