Hey Squadies!!

HOW TO EAT LOTS & LOSE WEIGHT *snack edition* Whenever we’re trying to lose weight or get healthy, one of the biggest reasons why we don’t succeed is because we are constantly snacking. However, more often than not it’s not the constantly snacking part that ruins results but it’s the fact we’re snacking on the wrong foods (most are filled with sugar, excessive calories, and processed which makes us feel tired, leads to weight gain, and ruins motivation).

The REAL KEY to healthy snacking is ensuring our snacks our high in protein (keeps you fuller for a long), low in calories, and TASTY (if you’re going to make being healthy a long-term thing, your food has to be enjoyable)!

If your snacks are all of these things results will come, you’ll constantly feel energized, and happy and you will get results!
This SUGAR-FREE JELL-O WHIP *high in protein* is the perfect snack for anyone looking to transform not just their body but most importantly their mental health, energy, confidence, and lives, and did I mention ONLY 35 cals with 6 grams of protein, making it the perfect snack to satisfy your sweet tooth this summer!

Click the link for the FULL Tiktok recipe!

FULL LEANSTRUCTIONS: 1. Get a sugar free pack of jello mix (pick your fav flavor) 2. Boil 3/4 water and place into a bowl then mix with sugar-free jello. 3. Add ice cubes to 1 cup then fill it to the brim with water. 4. Add ice water to jello mix and let sit until ice cubes melt. 5. Add jello mix and 1 cup Greek yogurt to the blender for 30 seconds. 6. Pour into a bowl or glass and chill for 1-2hrs in the fridge! Remove from the fridge and enjoy!!
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