Staying Motivated During Quarantine!

Hey Squadies! I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this quarantine! I know how challenging it can be day to day to keep up with a routine or schedule when life isn’t exactly “normal” right now! Whether it’s taking care of your families and their schooling full-time, keeping up with your career and job remotely, or being an Quaran-lean workout essential worker during these times (and maybe all the above!) it can be challenging to find the time to take care of YOU! Staying motivated to choose a home workout over Netflix or cooking a healthy meal over UberEats can be a struggle! I wanted to provide some simple and easy tips to keep yourself driven and healthy as we navigate through quarantine and try and remain as healthy, motivated, and happy as possible! Here are some of my top time to help you staying motivated during quarantine!

Exercise During Quarantine!

Being at home for a lot of us means spending a ton of time moving from room to room. Some of the more “common” hang out areas tend to be the kitchen and the couch. One of the initial challenges about working out netflix and relaxing instead of working out from home for a lot of us is that we haven’t exactly associated our tv room with getting a sweat! On top of that a lot of us associate “working-out” with going outside of the home to the gym or a class! I am VERY happy to say that does not have to be the case! Body weight workouts from home are JUST as effective to get in shape and work towards your health and fitness goals. I have seen SO many amazing squadies tune in for the daily Quaran-lean challenge, the class-pass, and ab-challenge! It absolutely motivates me to see all of YOU working so hard, staying healthy, and coming together as a community! Moving your body for 20-30 minutes a day will help you feel so much more energized and accomplished! You can also  join me for a 30 day Fitness Challenge (which started TODAY) where you can follow along directly on Youtube daily! The goal is to continue to motivate one another to stay healthy and active during these times and give back!
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Life is FRAGILE!

Something this pandemic certainly puts in perspective is how fragile life is. Motivation However, despite this being the case, so many of us live life as though this simply isn’t the case.  Instead of making the most of each and every day, we let one Netflix binge roll into another. We keep saying “I’ll start tomorrow” and “Tomorrow’s a new day”. BUT WHAT WE ALL NEED TO UNDERSTAND IS THAT TOMORROW IS NOT GUARANTEED. And even if it was, would you really want to waste another day not feeling your best? And to really bring this home I wanted to share with you something billionaire and founder of lululemon recently told me in our interview…  CHIP WILSON… “I’m sitting on my death bed, did I actually get done what I wanted to get done in my one life?It’s a well known fact that the thought of death shakes you into the present moment. It can help motivate YOU to become the best YOU. So, long story short, really think about dying like Chip Wilson told me, think about whether or not your future self would be proud of how your living your life today. For me, this motivates me every single day. Especially in a time like right now. 

Healthy Eating During Quarantine

Quick and healthy snack during quarantineOne of the biggest habits a lot of us fall into when at home is snacking. When we are overwhelmed or stressed a lot of us tend to fall into lazy eating patterns and “comfort” food seems that much more appealing! This is a habit I am here to help you avoid! Instead of mini meals and snacks you want to create a healthy routine and balance! One of my best tips is to set a specific time for eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It will help with portion control and over-eating. I have also created a ton of tasty and easy snack and meal recipes that will help fuel you throughout the day and still allow you to enjoy tasty meals such as these tasty Reeses peanut butter cups and these frozen yogurt bars. It is especially important to refuel if you are sticking to a home workout schedule! Healthy diets are also proven to improve our immune systems which is super important in times like this!    Think of it this way- the time you may have previously spent commuting to work or school could now be used to prep a healthy meal and snack for yourself and your family- win win! Getting into this routine is one of the best ways to avoid falling into un-healthy eating habits! The brand-new FREE recipe guide I have created is a great way to get started! It is packed full of tons of healthy and tasty recipes and gives you a great idea of how interesting and delicious eating healthy can be! It is easy to follow and available for anyone who is interested! Eating healthy is a great way to help you stay motivated during quarantine
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Now, you may or may not have heard the saying “reaching for the stars, land on the moon”.
No one?  Ok, well, anyways, what that saying implies is that if you dream big, regardless of what happens you’ll be in a much better place than where you started. Although I do believe this to be true in most situations…it is most certainly NOT TRUE for someone who is unmotivated and looking to JUST GET STARTED. This is true because huge, lofty goals, without absolutely zero preparation actually can set us up for immediate failure. Plan and create goals to stay motivated Think of it this way… you decide to set a goal of climbing Mount Everest and instead of preparing over months and years, you just decide to go for it. You show up at base camp *Hey Guys* clip of me in hat and gear* and you decide to just go for it.  You’re going to put one foot in front of the other until you reach the summit.  Well, guess what happens? About 50 metres in you’re going to realize that you are completely unprepared both mentally and physically and your dream will end before it’s even really started. Before you know it you back at base camp with a bag of Cheetos and back on your next Netflix binge which is exactly what we DON’T WANT TO HAPPEN.  And it’s this zero to 100 mentality that is a HUGE reason why people actually never feel motivated. The task at hand is simply TOO DAUNTING.  THE MOUNTAIN SEEMS TOO BIG TO CLIMB IN ONE DAY! So, what do you do then? Well, I’m glad you asked! To avoid feeling unmotivated and overwhelmed it’s important to set SMALL, MANAGEABLE GOALS when starting out. What you’ll quickly realize is those SMALL wins FEEL GOOD, leading to more motivation to accomplish more and more.  


This point piggy backs off the last point and really ties into your goal setting.  One of the biggest reasons why we say “we’ll do it tomorrow” or “I’ll start next week” is because there are no consequences for missing our personal goals, which is the complete opposite in our work life. With work, if we don’t hit our goals we get fired. In life, if we don’t do that workout, or decide to order Dominos instead of cooking a healthy meal - weGive yourself deadlines to stay motivatedll, nothing happens (we’ll except a few extra added pounds of course and feeling awful). So for me, setting DEADLINES with is HUGE for motivation levels.I.e. The 30 Day Quaranlean challenge has an END date, one in which we can all strive for together. Same with the 6 week challenge & 90 day lean plan! There are two ways to go about this approach: Firstly, is setting CONSEQUENCE deadlines i.e. taking things away if you don’t achieve it. OR You can set REWARDS for achieving your goal at the end of your deadline. I coincide these deadlines with tangible rewards as well. That way, I really stay true and motivated during quarantine!

Staying connected/social amidst social distancing

zoom call to stay connected during quarantineFor a lot of us, it is so important for our health, well-being, and stress levels to stay connected to our friends and family. Social distancing and staying safe is the most important thing for all of us right now; but that doesn’t mean we need to disconnect! What we are going through currently around the world is a shared experience that is stressful one. What I love about the Leansquad community is how amazing, positive, and connected we have all managed to stay during these times! I truly LOVE reading all the updates, achievements and accomplishments daily in our slack groups, social media, and emails! One of the coolest things about the Quaranlean challenge is that we all get to stay healthy and optimistic together! Having a virtual workout group and class to be a part of is incredible! Staying healthy and active during quarantine will also allow us all to be more energized and present for our families, zoom calls, and virtual events! When we feel better together it has such an amazing impact! The Quaranlean challenge will allow us all to stay motivated and accountable together! In addition to the daily workouts the package includes 2 zoom calls throughout the month hosted by me! It will be a chance to hangout and talk about the highlights and stories we all have from the challenge! In addition to that there will be an exclusive slack group for everyone who joins! It will be an amazing way to create positive social support squadies!  

Thank you!

supporting Food banks of canada during quarantineSquadies it was such an amazing feeling to see so many of you sign up for our 7 day challenge for charity! We were able to raise $4000 for Food Banks of Canada to give back and help conquer the impact COVID-19 has had on food banks across Canada! Its moments like that that make me so proud and happy to be doing what I do! Doing whatever I can to motivate you guys and help people feel healthier and happier feels amazing! Let’s all continue to come together during these times. Let’s focus on the good, support one another, and motivate each other! I am so excited to see how many squadies signup for the 30 day challenge and CRUSH their first workout this morning! Let’s keep the momentum going - Sign up today to become a part of this leansane challenge to help stay motivated during quarantine!