Start 2020 the LEAN WAY | Improve your MOOD, ENERGY LEVELS and CONFIDENCE with the #6WeekLeanChallenge!

  I am SO excited to help you make 2020 the LEANEST YEAR YET! In November, I launched my brand New #6WeekLeanChallenge and the response has been overwhelming!! In JUST 6 WEEKS, so many Squadies have changed their bodies, moods, and confidence that I could NOT be PROUDER! Join the LEANSQUAD community with your own #6WeekLeanChallenge to make positive change in your health and wellness!  

“[The #6WeekLeanChallenge] gave me a sense of clarity and confidence in how I can change my lifestyle for the long run, and not just temporarily while I do a “challenge”. Just wanted to give you props for setting me up for long term success!”


What is the #6WeekLeanChallenge?

  The #6WeekLeanChallenge is a brand new program I put together to help people around the world get healthier, fitter and leaner in just 6 Weeks.



The workouts are, Efficient, Rewarding and designed to fit YOUR goals! All the exercises in your plan are hyperlinked to a video demonstration of EXACTLY how to do the exercise! The #6WeekLeanChallenge is perfect for you if:  
  • You are a beginner and would like to start making a healthy change
  • You are an intermediate looking to for a customized routine
  • You are mom looking for an adaptable program to fit your life
  • You are an athlete looking to take your fitness to a new level
  Also, you can do your entire 6 Week Plan from Home OR at the Gym So, if you’re looking to lose weight, build muscle (or both) OR are simply looking to shred those last few pounds around your mid-section, I am confident I can build a workout plan for you!!

I feel great! I can honestly say I’m starting to crave exercise when I don’t have it. Big improvement for me!”




Meal Plan

Your customized meal plan is tasty, easy to follow, and SUPER nutritious! With your #6WeekLeanChallenge Meal Plan, you will receive:  
  • 40 Recipes complete with a grocery shopping list
  • Choose between a Meat Eater or Vegan/Vegetarian Diet
  • All your Macronutrients are PRE-CALCUATED so you can just pick a meal, cook it, and enjoy!
  • All your portion sizes are PRE-CALCUATED to ensure you reach YOUR GOALS
  It has always been my approach since DAY 1 that eating lean should NOT BE RESTRICTIVE. Your meal plan DOES NOT cut carbs, and provides tons of fun, unique and mouth-watering recipes so you’re EXCITED to cook. Also, I try to make sure that the ingredients are readily available and cost effective so you can find them at most local grocery stores!

“The meals are family friendly and GREAT! The family is eating what I am eating for the most part. You’ve built a pretty incredible system. Feeling Strong, energy coming back and shedding a lot of that water weight”




Throughout your #6WeekLeanChallenge (and beyond) I, along with the Lean Team, will be there to answer ANY questions you may have! Whether you have a question, need some encouragement, or are looking for some extra lean tips and tricks – we are there with you EVERY STEP OF THE WAY! I know that waiting for answers can frustrating which is why when you sign up you receive access to the EXCLUSIVE #6WeekLeanChallenge SLACK group! In our support and inclusive community, you can interact with other Squadies as well as INSTANT message the LEAN TEAM and ME!

What type of workouts are in the #6WeekLeanChallenge?

  Depending on your goals, experience, body type and situation, your #6WeekLeanChallenge Plan will use a number of different exercise patterns to help you achieve your goals. It is SO IMPORTANT to have a plan designed for YOU to ensure that you’re working the right muscles, in the right order, on the right days to MAXMIZE results. Based on your 6 Week Lean Challenge Questionnaire, I will design a plan that works for you! From High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to Lean Lifting (A Leansquad Weightlifting technique), your workouts will be challenging, yet attainable so you can reach your goals WITHOUT feeling overwhelmed!

How does the Sign up process work?

  OK! Let’s do this! If you CLICK HERE it will take you to our #6WeekLeanChallenge page where you can Sign up. After you submit payment, you will be directed to a Questionnaire that asks a number of different questions to ensure I build the right program for you! Once you have filled out your questionnaire, you receive an on-boarding package which include a number of lean tips and tricks to help get ready for your #6WeekLeanChallenge. I ask that you review this package while I build your plan! Then, in 3-5 days, you will receive an email with your customized workout program and meal plan and the LEAN TRAIN LEAVES the station!!

I CANNOT WAIT to CRUSH the #6WeekLeanChallenge with you!

I would LOVE to have you aboard smashing the leaness and kicking 2020 off with a LEAN BANG!  

Keep in mind that December and January are EXTREMELY busy so if you’re looking to get started right on January 1st, make sure to SIGN UP BY DECEMBER 28th TO RECEIVE YOUR PLAN BY JAN 1!!