Starbucks Drinks that WONT Break your Fast!

Happy Wednesday Squadies! Today’s blog is a combination of 2 of my favourite things: intermittent fasting and coffee! Who else LOVES their Starbucks, but is not sure what they can order while in a fasted state?! Worry no longer! Because today I will be sharing with you all my favourite Starbucks drinks that WON'T break your fast! 
First of all, let's look at some general tips when it comes to coffee and fasting. First and foremost, In order for a drink to be fasting safe, it must have 0 caloric intake! 

I ALWAYS get asked if you can add milk to your coffee while fasting, and the answer to this is NO! Why?! Because milk, whether regular or an alternative, has a caloric intake, so adding milk or creamers into your coffee will likely break your fast! 
What about sweeteners?! When it comes to sweeteners, there are some exceptions here. Anything that contains sugar, including raw sugar, cane sugar, honey, agave - whatever it may be, if it contains sugar, it WILL break your fast. The exception comes in when looking at 0 calorie sweeteners, which include Stevia, erythritol and Splenda. 

What sugar free sweeteners does Starbucks have available?!

Starbucks has a couple of options when it comes to 0 calorie sweeteners. On the condiment stand depending on the location, you can find some or all of the following:
  • Stevia 
  • Splenda
  • Sweet ‘N Low 
All 3 of these options are safe to add to your drink!
Behind the counter, you have the option of sugar free flavours:
  • Sugar free vanilla
  • Sugar free cinnamon dolce 
Both these syrups are safe, as long as you order the SUGAR FREE version, not the regular!

Fasting Safe Starbucks Drinks 

Now that you know the general guidelines, let's jump into the drinks! Keep in mind, you can add any of the sweeteners deemed safe above to any of these drinks!

1) Iced or Hot Teas

While fasting, some great options are the Starbucks teas! Not ALL teas are fasting safe, but here are some that are:
  • Iced black tea, unsweetened (no lemonade)
  • Iced green tea, unsweetened (no lemonade)
  • Earl Grey hot tea
  • English breakfast hot tea 
  • Emperors cloud (green tea), hot tea 
  • Jade citrus mint (green, lemon grass and mint) hot tea 

When it comes to tea and intermittent fasting, we want to make sure we are staying away from any FRUITY teas. Many of these teas have dried fruits and dried fruits contain sugar which WILL break your fast! If you love your starbucks iced tea with lemonade, to give you some lemon flavour without breaking your fast, you can add some fresh lemon juice or a lemon wedge into your tea! Starbucks does not offer this, so bring your own lemon! You can also add lemon to any of the hot teas to give it some extra flavour.

2) Americano’s

Black Americano’s (no milk) hot or iced are a great option to have while fasting! All they contain is water and espresso! Keep in mind, this drink is pretty strong for those of you who don’t like strong coffee, so try adding a couple pumps of sugar free vanilla or cinnamon dolce to sweeten it up!

3) Coffee

One of the easiest and yummiest drinks to order is just a plain old coffee, hot or iced! Make sure if ordering the iced drink you order it with NO MILK! Coffee is one of the less expensive things offered on the Starbucks menu. Another great thing about the hot coffee at starbucks is that they always offer new and different roasts, so if you don’t like one, you can always try another! Adding a sugar free flavour into your black hot or iced coffee is also a good option if you need some sweetness.

4) Espresso

Did you know you can simply order a shot of espresso at Starbucks?! You have a couple choices when it comes to ordering espresso at Starbucks:
  • Single shot 
  • Double shot 
  • Ristretto (short but stronger)
  • Luongo (longer, not as strong)

You can order any of these espresso shots hot or over iced! If you are not big into black coffee and are not a fan of tea but you NEED your coffee fix in the morning, this could be a great option for you! Since it is a small amount and it is strong, you can get your desired amount of caffeine for the morning in that one shot! You can also choose to add a sugar free sweetener or shot of sugar free flavour into it to add some sweetness to it.
There you have it Squadies! A list of Starbucks drinks that WILL NOT break your fast!

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