Slow Cooker: Coconut Quinoa Curry

Slow Cooker: Coconut Quinoa Curry


Mmm who doesn’t love a warm and delicious curry dish? Not only is this coconut quinoa curry packed with flavour, but it is also super easy to make (thanks to Alyssa @ Simply Quinoa for the recipe)! The best part of this recipe? That it’s made in a slow cooker of course! If you have a busy day ahead of you or simply don’t feel like constantly tending to your cooking, you need to try this slow cooker recipe! Slow cookers are so easy to use, all you have to do is throw all the ingredients in, and let your meal cook for around 4-6 hours and it’s ready to serve!

This curry dish is filled with hearty ingredients, making for a thick and filling curry. The chickpeas are a great source of protein, and the sweet potatoes and broccoli add some nutrients and light carbs to the dish. The sweet potato and broccoli are easily interchangeable -- the sweet potato can be swapped for butternut squash and if you’re not into potatoes and broccoli, replace them with ANY other vegetable such as zucchini or spinach. You can also feel free to add any additional veggies along with the broccoli.

Both the coconut milk and quinoa will act as the main ingredients that help to thicken the curry. The freshly ground herbs and spices will add the punch of flavour that every curry needs! This recipe doesn’t include any meat or dairy products, making it safe to enjoy for all the vegan and vegetarian Squadies!

Here’s how to make it:  


  • 1 medium sweet potato (about 3 cups)
  • 1 large broccoli crown (about 2 cups)
  • ½ white onion
  • 1 15 oz can chickpeas
  • 1 28 oz can diced tomatoes
  • 2 14.5 oz cans coconut milk
  • ¼ cup quinoa (raw)
  • 2 garlic cloves (about 1 tbsp)
  • 1 tbsp grated ginger (fresh)
  • 1 tbsp grated tumaric (fresh or ground)
  • 2 tsp wheat free tamari sauce
  • 1 tsp miso OR additional tamari
  • ½ - 1 tsp chili flakes
  • ¼ cup shredded purple cabbage


  1. Drain and rinse chickpeas and chop up all veggies, peel and chop sweet potato into cubes, cut broccoli into florets, dice white onion.
  2. Add ALL ingredients (except purple cabbage) into the slow cooker with 1 cup of water and mix until combined.
  3. Turn the slow cooker to high for 3-4 hours, or until sweet potatoes have softened and the curry has thickened.
  4. Garnish with purple cabbage and serve!

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