Run Longer and Improve Stamina!

This blog is for all the Squadies out there trying to improve their running game! Today I will be sharing with you an at home workout specifically focused on improving both your stamina and allow you to run longer! 

  Being a former professional rugby player, running was a super important aspect of the sport. Being able to outrun the competition and have the stamina to continue to outrun them for the remainder of the game was always a main goal throughout training. Prior to the the Rugby World Cup in order to reach peak cardio, we would do a similar type of fitness training as the workout I am about to show you today. Doing this training would EXCEPTIONALLY increase our running and cardio performance!

longer running and improve staminaWhat is it?! 

I bet you're wondering - What kind of workout is this?! This specific workout is a 10 minute HIIT style body weight workout. HIIT style workouts is something that I ALWAYS suggest runners should add into their running routine. Along with helping you burn fat and build lean muscle, HIIT can also help you build endurance and ultimately be able to RUN for longer periods of time. It can help you increase your overall cardio levels  and stamina as well!    When you train at a high intensity, you are using your max effort. When training at max effort, you are training your body to work harder and longer with less recovery time needed, hence, you are less likely to get INJURED while running. HIIT is also proven to increase explosiveness and speed, allowing you to run faster and again, amp up your cardio game!

Why this workout can improve stamina and help you run longer?!

This type of training is MUCH more time effective than just running at a low intensity. Constantly running can not only leave you at risk of overworking your joints, but it can also be VERY time consuming. Adding in higher intensity training can elevate the heart rate extremely high, while improving your body's vascular system. When trying to develop your stamina and increase your body's ability to run longer, it is super important to do some higher intensity training! HIIT can also allow you to focus on developing and strengthening your muscles throughout your body; muscles you don’t necessarily use for running. This will help you even out the strength in your body which can also help to reduce injury. You will strengthen your legs which are vital to being able to run faster and longer. You will also strengthen your core and upper body which are equally as important when looking to run for longer! 
WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! Get started with your HIIT training today and watch as you improve your stamina and run longer!  

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