Physical Strength: Why it’s Important & How to Increase it!

Happy Wednesday Sqaudies! Today’s blog post is all about physical strength; what is it, why it’s important and how you can increase your own!

What is Physical strength?

The definition of physical strength varies from person to person, depending on many different factors. We all have such different fitness goals and things we want to achieve. To one person, it might mean being able to walk a full 5 km without getting tired. To another, it can mean being able to bench press 80 pound dumbbells. No matter what you define it as, on a basic level, physical strength is your ability to complete physical tasks using your own strength. These physical tasks greatly vary, so there's no specific body mass index or body composition or weight that you need to lift which defines how much physical strength you have. For example, a big muscular bodybuilder is physically strong, but so is a way smaller looking runner or gymnist. 

Why is it important?

No matter how old you are, your fitness goals or your fitness level, physical strength is super important for everyone to have and up-keep. We use it everyday, sometimes without even realizing it. We need physical strength to do simple day to day tasks such as walking, opening the door, cooking; almost anything you do physically requires some kind of physical strength. For the average person, working on your physical strength is good to help prevent injury, improve endurance and improve explosiveness while working out and/or lifting heavy weights. As we get older, if we do not up-keep it, we run the risk of loosing full mobility, getting injured more easily, gaining weight, or even leaves us more susceptible to certain diseases. 


Because our muscles play an important role in our bodies, some of them wrap around our bones and help keep them strong, some (such as our hearts) need to stay strong to keep us breathing. Increasing muscle mass and keeping our muscle tissues active can also help improve your resting metabolic rate, which can help prevent weight gain. It can also help improve insulin sensitivity which can prevent type 2 diabetes. As we get older, our muscles can decrease rapidly if we are inactive. Overall, working on our physical strength can help keep us strong and healthy as we get older.

How to Increase Physical Strength

Now that you know what physical strength is and why it is so important, how do we increase it? Here at LEANSQUAD, we know that everyone is different. Since everyone has such different goals, body types and fitness levels, it is important that you get a personalized workout made for YOUR body type. With LEANSQUAD’s #6WeekLeanChallenge, you can get your own customized workouts! With 5 progressive workouts a week, you are sure to be feeling your strongest; both physically and mentally in no time! 

In General there are a couple key tips you can follow to help increase your physical strength: 

1. Progressive workouts

In order to keep our bodies strong and continue to increase our muscles, we need to have progressive workouts. This means that we are not simply doing the same workouts everyday, every week or every month. We are constantly keeping our body guessing and changing up the workouts. LEANSQUAD workouts progressively increase as you move forward. Every 3 weeks, you get a new set of workouts that will push you to work harder and increase your strength and endurance. 

2. HIIT Workouts

One of the most effective types of workouts are HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). No matter what your goals are, there is a HIIT workout for you, whether you are trying to lose fat or gain muscle. It is a common misconception that HIIT training is only meant for fat loss. Of course it can be used for fat loss, but it can also be quite effective in gaining muscle and improving overall physical strength. LEANSQUAD uses HIIT workouts, combining both cardio and weight portions to help you see the best results the fastest! Check out one of these leansane workouts:

3. Nutrition!

Another super important factor when it comes to physical strength is your diet. If you are fueling your body with unhealthy foods and too much or too little food, you will not be at your best. You may feel tired, sluggish, bloated, you name it, without a proper diet, it can be difficult to muster up the strength, motivation, energy and confidence needed to get active! When you sign up for LEANSQUAD’s #6WeekLeanChallenge, you will get access to a total of 40 leanlicious, healthy recipes, portioned for your body! Have any diet restrictions? You can choose between a meat based meal plan or a vegan and vegetarian meal plan! If you have any other dietary restrictions, such as gluten free or lactose, check out our COMPLETELY customizable #90DayLeanPlan HERE.

There you have it squadies! If you have ANY other questions about physical strength or the #6WeekLeanChallenge and #90Dayplan, DM me on instagram @leansquad! Subscribe to my Youtube channel for some healthy recipes, workouts and tips and tricks!