Get Your Kids Active! |PHITNESS EDUCATION for Kids| Free Workouts on YouTube

Happy Monday Squadies! I hope everyone had a safe and healthy weekend! A lot of you know that Brodie and I had the most incredible weekend welcoming our Twin boys, Preston and Boden into the world! We are so lucky and thrilled that they are happy, healthy and safe. Again, we want to thank everyone for their kind messages and thoughtful comments – we REALLY appreciate it!
Next, I wanted to congratulate everyone who tackled the 7 Days of Quaran-Lean Workouts last week! (If you haven’t done so, check them out HERE) It was so encouraging to see how many people were tuning in and making it a priority to get active despite the difficult circumstances we find ourselves in! For those of you who did participate, I am sure that you noticed an IMMEDIATE improvement in your energy levels, your mood and most importantly a sense of accomplishment. In a time like this where we are thrown out of our routine, and we are restricted as to what we can do on a daily basis, completing a workout can go a LONG way to keep us motivated and stimulated!  

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I am also VERY excited to launch the first week of PHITNESS EDUCATION for all the mini Squadies out there! Last week, I teamed up with Mini Super Squadie Jaden for a workout and it was a HUGE success! He first was participating with his mom in the Quaran-Lean workouts and now he is on to crushing the new PHITNESSS ED Classes! It is SO important (especially as schools are closed) to ensure that our kids are continuing to exercise despite the social distancing measures in place. As a Dad, I make it a priority each day (and will continue to do so with the Twins) to get Hudson active each and every day. Outside of physical fitness, weight management, and heart strength, here are a few less obvious things that happen to our kids when they get active:


1. It Helps Brain Development

Our kids are CONSTANTLY growing, learning and progressing. Just like food & proper nutrition is the fuel that helps them grow physically (and mentally), we must also ensure they are mentally stimulated to promote brain development and growth. By exercising, trying new activities, new sports and new movements, it forces our kids to use their critical thinking skills, motor functions and creativity to learn new patterns and play the sport or exercise! Exposing our kids to new activities, teaching them how to play and encouraging them to develop their skills are all ways exercise can help Brain Development!

2. It Improves Confidence

When I was much younger and before I got “into” sports, I was somewhat of an introvert; I was timid, I was quiet, and I was very unsure of myself. There is nothing wrong with being quiet and timid, however my quietness stemmed from of a lack of confidence. This all changed when I got into sports and started exercising on a regular basis. I found myself (and my parents noticed) that I was much more assertive, more outspoken, happier, and overall more confident. Sports and exercise helped me channel some of my insecurities and hesitations rather than dwelling on them! It also forced me to interact with other kids more often, share my opinions and focus on team work! In fact, one study states that when kids are exercising, it actually changes where the brain directs it’s resources. When kinds are exercising, the brain uses its energy/power for coordination and focus rather than putting more weight into “worrying or anxiousness”.

3. It Increases Energy Levels

This might not be a surprise, because if YOU exercise, it is probably something you have experienced first-hand. Not only does exercise help us to feel accomplished and “fit”, but during exercise our body releases endorphins which directly impact our energy levels! Endorphins act on the opiate receptors in our brains and actually reduce the feeling of pain and increase the feelings of pleasure! This is no different to what happens to our kids when they exercise – pain down, energy UP! It’s a win, win.

4. It helps our Kids SLEEP Better 

This is something that we as parents would all like to see (for both our kids and for ourselves)…Better & longer sleeps!! When you kids (or you for that matter) exercise, it raises your heart rate and body temperature by a few degrees. After your kids have finished exercising, their body temperature with normalize triggering a feeling of drowsiness. Additionally, by expending energy your child’s body will naturally require more sleep to replenish its energy sources! Proper sleep hygiene is so important for all people, but our kids especially! Get them active so they get the best rest possible!
There you have it Squadies – 4 Leanmazing benefits of getting your children to exercise! One of my favourite things in the world is seeing Hudsons (and soon Preston & Boden’s) smiles when we are getting active. It is so evident that Hudson’s mood improves, his confidence increase and his energy levels are high! With this in mind, I hope that you and your kids TUNE INTO THE PHITNESS EDUCATION and Subscribe to my YouTube Channel each day this week at 9AM EST! Also, PLEASE SHARE these workouts with anyone with kids or teachers who you think would benefit!! (That was a trick question because EVERYONE would BENEFIT!)