New Feature: Flex Challenges

Squadies, you spoke, we listened! A BRAND NEW style of workouts is officially here and I couldn't be more excited to share this new feature with you!
Flex Challenges are a whole new style of working out and structuring your week so that it is personalized to YOU and your life! Our lives get busy, but one thing we should always make time for is staying active and moving our bodies, with and without weights. With Flex Challenges, you have full control and FLEXIBILITY over your schedule, when you want to workout, how much you want to workout, which muscles you want to workout!
Whether you are a beginner or workout pro, Flex Challenges are for you! Set your goal number of workouts for the week, whether that is 1 or 4, then work your way towards reaching your weekly goal. Short on time? Replace a core workout with an express workout and still feel accomplished. With Flex Challenges there are no excuses, they keep you accountable and feeling refreshed and recharged because it is a workout program personalized to you.
Keep reading below to see how it works, but if you want to join my first ever Flex Challenge, click here to sign up for the LEANSQUAD App and join the LEANMAS Challenge right away!  

Step 1: Choose Your Number of Workouts Per Week

After you have selected a Flex Challenge, you will be prompted to choose how many days per week you would like to workout for the duration of your challenge. This number will be your weekly workout goal that you will aim for each week. This provides you with the ultimate flexibility for YOU and your goals. Whether you select 1 workout or 4 workouts, crush your workouts, meet your goal and be proud!

​Tip: Start with a smaller number than you think, you can always do additional workouts if you're craving some extra leanness.

Step 2: Select Music or No Music

Do you love working out with music in the background? Select Music and we will provide you with workouts that include some great workout tunes. Prefer to workout without music? Simply choose No Music and your workouts will be without music. Everyone has their preference, and we wanted to provide you with the option for music so that you can enjoy your challenge to the fullest!
Once you've chosen an option, tap "Let's get started on Monday!" to start the upcoming Monday or tap "Start challenge now" to start right away.

Step 3: Explore and Start Transforming

Congratulations, you have officially joined your first Flex Challenge! If your challenge starts on the upcoming Monday, then your Challenge screen will provide you with some workouts to do in the meantime. Take a look around, complete some workouts, and get ready for the start of your Flex Challenge! Once your challenge starts, you will see your Week 1 overview along with the workouts you can choose from to meet your goal.

Step 4: Transform

Be proud for committing to a challenge to improve you physical and mental health! Taking that first step is truly the hardest part and you've gotten past that. I can't wait to see you progress along your Lean Journey and crush your Lean Goals!  

Join my first ever Flex Challenge, click here to sign up for the LEANSQUAD App!