My FULL Day of Eating!

Happy Wednesday Squadies! Today I am going to share with you what a typical day of eating for me looks like!

** important note: I did film this video BEFORE starting my vegan journey so there is meat and dairy products in the meals I will be sharing with you today!

Each new day, we have a chance to make healthy and nutritious choices when it comes to the food we eat! If you had a whoopsie weekend, or maybe had 1 too many glasses of wine the night before, when you wake up the next morning you have a brand new chance to make lean choices!

#1 Pre-workout Meal:

Warm lemon water & double long espresso. 

As most of you who have been following me know, I practice intermittent fasting on a daily basis. Intermittent fasting is easy to do and helps give your metabolism a kickstart right in the morning. It also gives you more energy! I usually keep my body in a fasted state until I have completed my workout, then break my fast for my post workout meal. In the mean time, I enjoy having a nice warm glass of lemon water and my espresso, both which enhance the benefits of your fast! Lemon water helps your body get into a deeper fast quicker, and also helps boost your metabolism. Espresso or black coffee will help suppress your hunger which can be helpful nearing the end of a fast. It also is one of the only proven supplements to actually enhance your workout by giving you more energy to smash your workout! 

#2 Post workout Meal

Whole wheat toast with avocado, egg and hot sauce

Although I keep most of my meals throughout the day carbless, It is ESSENTIAL to have some carbs after a workout! I have carbs after every one of my workouts as they are an essential part of my diet and nutrition. Carbs help refuel and replenish your muscles after a good workout!

Whole wheat bread is a complex carb, which is what we need to refuel our bodies. Avocados are filled with mono-saturated fats. What are those?! These mono-saturated fats are super important to have in our diets because they allow our body’s to absorb nutrients from other foods we eat. Eggs give us more healthy fats along with a nice healthy dose of protein, also super important to have in a post workout meal!

#3 First snack

Energy Bites

Energy bites are one of the simpliest yet healthiest snacks out there! If you are usually super busy throughout the day and don’t have time to prepare a fresh snack then these bites are a must have! Simply make them the night before or during your meal prep and have a whole batch to enjoy throughout the week! These bites are packed with healthy fats, proteins and fibre! 

Check out the recipe here.

#4 Lean Lunch!

Sausage and lean-treez!

Lunch time is a great time to utilize any leftovers you may have from the previous few nights! I like to find something that is super quick, easy and nutritious. Using leftovers can help you save time in the kitchen AND reduce food waste! I happen to have some left over sausage in my fridge so I decided to use that! Although I do not have sausage often due to the bad rep they have from being processed, the sausage I had was nitrate free! I chopped up the sausage, just threw it into a pan and added some frozen leantreez (broccoli) and garlic! I LOVE using frozen veg. It will save you so much time as it is already chopped and ready to go. Frozen veg also have a ton of nutrients since they were frozen in their freshest state! Simply throw your protein plus any veg you may have into a pan, season it how you like, and you have a healthy and nutritious meal in 10 minutes or less! 

#5 Afternoon Snack!

Protein coffee smoothie!

My afternoon snack varies depending on what im feeling like and what I have available. One of my go to snacks is a protein coffee smoothie. It is super simple to make and is packed with protein! Sometimes when the afternoon hits, it’s great to have this coffee smoothie to give me that extra boost of energy I need to crush the rest of my day!

Check out the recipe here.

#6 Lean Dinner!

Instant Pot Coconut Curry Chicken

For dinner I decided to keep it simple and leanlicious with an instant pot recipe. I LOVE my instant pot! I can create new recipes or use some of my existing recipes to create quick and nutritious meals in minutes. I decided to make a yummy coconut curry recipe. Season up your chicken, throw it in the pot with a nice sauce and veggies and serve it over a warm bed of cauliflower rice!

Check out the recipe here!

There you have it squadies! A typical day of eating for me! If you want to see more recipes, tips & tricks, subscribe to my youtube channel and click the notification bell so you don’t miss a thing!