May Super Squadie | Motivation Machine!

Happy May Squadies! Today I will be announcing our MAY SUPER SQUADIE!    This last month, we have had TONS of new Squadies sign on with the 30 day quaranlean Challenges! We have been so lucky to have been able to interact/ virtually meet so many amazing squadies all around the world who were ready and motivated to make the most of this quarantine situation! Although it was definitely hard to choose one - the super squadie we have chosen was DEDICATED, always communicating, motivating other squadies and ready for ANY new challenge! This super squadie is the leanmazing:  

Taylor Post! 

  Since starting her journey, Super Squadie Taylor with the first 30 day challenge at the end of April, Taylor has shown her dedication and commitment to the lean life! She was always posting something in the slack group, motivating other squadies to keep going! Taylor always went in with a positive attitude and pushed as hard as she could through the workouts - showing us all how hard she pushed with her ‘tomato face’ selfies and updates after her workouts! She had the courage to speak honestly within the squadie slack group, always showing us that she was putting the work in and on track to be a better her!    We wanted to thank Taylor for committing to the lean life and bringing so much positivity into our LEANSQUAD community! Taylor is now onto her second 30 day challenge which began YESTERDAY! We know she will absolutely CRUSH through this next challenge and continue to spread the motivational messages to new and continuing squadies!   

Heres more about Super Squadie Taylor:


Q1-Q4: Name, Age, Hometown, Occupation

Name: Taylor Post Age: 29 Hometown: Winnipeg, MB Occupation: Certified Athletic Therapist

Q5: When you joined the LEANSQUAD?

April 22, 2020

Q6: Which LEANSQUAD program are you currently on?

30 Day Summer Lean Challenge

Q7: Biggest success as a part of the LEANSQUAD

Completing the 30 day QuaranLean Challenge. Before Covid I was working out 5-6 times a week at the gym, either running/lifting weights on my own or training with my football and rugby team. Suddenly all of that was gone, and I really felt lost! I knew I would be motivated to work out on my own, but I was craving the intensity that comes with team training/sports. I did one of the free you-tube workouts that Phil posted and was instantly hooked! It was exactly what I needed to get back on track. The workouts challenged me, the support in the slack group was amazing and I felt so much better both physically and mentally.

Q8: What's your Favourite lean meal?

I really loved the zucchini taco boats and cauliflower pizza. Both unbelievably simple and delicious. I also made a ton of the turkey meatballs with lean trees and froze them for easy meal prep lunches.

Q9: What's your Favourite Whoopsie?

As a true Winnipegger… I love Slurpees! Whether it is +30 or 30 below, I’m all about it

Q10: What's your Number one LEANSQUAD tip to share?

Buy in. Pick a time that works best for you to workout and stick to it every day. It will quickly become a habit! Also, post in the slack group. I love seeing the posts from the other squaddies, whether its commiserating about a certain exercise (40 seconds of burpees? Really Phil??) or a tomato face selfie. It is a fun, judgement free zone and also a great resource for information (exercise modification, intermittent fasting etc.)

Q11:What would you say to someone who is about to start their Lean journey?

Just get started! Press play, get moving and keep moving. As Phil likes to say “Do YOUR best” on each set, each workout, each day. That will look different for everyone, but if you can really push to do your best on that day, you will feel so proud and be rewarded for your efforts.

Q12: What's your Favourite LEAN restaurant to eat out at?

Honestly, I don’t eat out a ton so when I do it is usually reserved for a big WHOOPSIE!

Q13: If you have one, please submit a PERSONAL recipe that would be LEANSQUAD approved!!

My go to breakfast has been 1-2 hard boiled lean eggies, and then some plain Greek yogurt, with frozen berries, topped with chia and a bit of granola. I have been breaking my fast at noon, while at work. So, by then the berries are defrosted enough that I can mush it all together and it is a cool, yummy, guilt free snack! I just have to watch that I don’t have chia in my teeth at work haha.  

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