What is the number one reason why most people struggle to lose lower belly fat?! They are NOT elevating their heart rate enough while doing their ab workouts! When our heart rate is elevated, we are putting our body into fat burning mode! When we are in fat burning mode while working out our core muscles, we are strengthening these muscles while burning fat! The proper lower belly fat burning workout can help you burn more fat and reach your lean goals! 

I get asked ALL THE TIME about burning lower belly fat! There are 3 main principles when it comes to burning fat in this area:

  1. Food - make sure you are fueling your body with healthy and wholesome foods
  2. Workout Intensity - In each and every one of your workouts, make sure you are pushing those lean limits! 
  3.  Right types of exercises - make sure you are doing exercises that are working the right muscles and keeping you heart rate elevated!

Check out this LEANSANE lower belly fat burning workout to build those core muscles and start burning lower belly fat!

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