Lemon Water part 2: Answering ALL your Questions

Happy Wednesday Squadies! As many of you know, lemon water is one of my favourite lean drinks! Drinking some lean lemony water in the morning has leanmazing benefits and helps me kick start my day feeling GOOD! Today I am going to be answering ALL your questions about lemon water and its benefits!  
If you haven’t already, check out part one: LEMON WATER: benefits & how it affects your Fast 
  Since posting the last lemon water blog, I have been getting a TON of questions from squadies! I have compiled the most frequently asked questions and will be answering ALL of them for you today!    As a member of LEANSQUAD, you have easy access to myself, Phil Mackenzie and my LEANTEAM through our slack group. Here you can ask us any questions and receive a response in no time! Along with the accessibility of my team and I, you also become part of a leanmazing community of other squadies who are also on their fitness journey, ready to offer motivation, encouragement and their stories along the way! With our 30 day challenge, all the squadies a part of the challenge embark on their lean journey’s together, starting on the same day, doing the same workouts each and every day. Join this awesome, motivating community by signing up for the next challenge beginning on AUGUST 3RD!   

Answering all your questions about lemon water:


Can lemon water break my fast?

This is a question I get asked all the time! The simple answer to this question is NO! I typically have a glass of lemon water, hot or cold in the morning while I am fasting! It gives your immune system a nice boost and gets you feeling leanmazing right off the bat! The carb intake you get from having lemon water is so low and the benefits you get for your immune system and digestion are so high, that it DOES NOT break your fast! Instead it can actually help enhance your fast! To find out more about how this works, check out part 1.  

How much lemon water can I drink before it breaks my fast?

Although it has leanmazing benefits for your fast, the amount of lemon juice contained in your water can actually make the difference between breaking your fast or staying in a fasted state! Lemons contain fructose (natural sugars), so higher concentrations of lemon juice could actually boost your sugar levels and break your fast. Since there is not enough research on this yet, the line between how much lemon juice won't or will break your fast is a bit blurry, but there is a general rule of thumb you can follow! The highest concentration of fructose is found in the juice of the lemons, some say it is safer to just place a few slices right into your water rather than squeezing the juice into it. This will help ensure that the amount of fructose is low enough to keep you in a fasted state!  

How much lemons can I use?

The answer to this question will vary depending on if you are drinking your lemon water in a fasted state or not. If you are not in a fasted state, you can use as many lemons as you want! The more lemons you use, the more benefits you will get from it! If you are in a fasted state, since there is no exact amount that can be proven to break your fast or not, it is better to use a small amount! 1-2 slices of lemon in your is a safe amount that will still allow you to get the benefits of drinking lemon water!  

Apple cider vinegar and Lemon water:

Will it break my fast?
Apple cider vinegar will NOT break your fast! Mixing a tbsp of ACV in with your lemon water is totally safe to do while fasting!  
What are the benefits of this combination?
Like lemon water's relation to fasting, apple cider vinegar is another substance that does not have enough research to give us conclusive answers on its benefits. Although this is the case, there are a few things that it could benefit, including helping with cravings and hunger during fasting, fat loss (when combined with a healthy diet and fasting), and higher energy levels. Combining some apple cider vinegar with your lemon water can potentially help add to or boost the positive effects lemon water has, but again - more research still needs to be done to conclusively prove this!    There you have it squadies! Answers to all your questions about lemon water!  
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