Happy Monday Squadies! It’s that time of year again! One of the most famous Starbucks drinks is finally available - the PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE!    I LOVE a good pumpkin spice latte! It is super tasty, filled with all my favorite fall flavors and… wait - 380 CALORIES?!  WOAH! That doesn’t sound too lean! With 380 calories and 46g of sugar in a GRADE size, this is WAY too much sugar and calories for one single drink!  
Today you are in luck! I have a lean secret to share - you can still enjoy your favourite PSL, iced or hot, for ONLY 90 CALORIES!


When looking at the calories in your average grande pumpkin spice latte, it may not seem like a lot at first, but lets put it into perspective.   On average, your breakfast should be around 300-400 calories, your lunch around 400-600 calories, and your snacks around 100 calories. Drinking a whole grande pumpkin spice latte is MORE calories than a typical breakfast and ALMOST as many calories as in your WHOLE LUNCH!!    Not only are you drinking an enormous amount of calories - but they are also EMPTY CALORIES. This means there is little to no nutritional value. You will drink up 380 calories and still feel hungry afterward!   These lean pumpkin spice latte recipes will give you the same fall flavours you love with less than HALF the calories! With only 90 calories, you can enjoy your drink without all the extra unneeded calories.  


Sugar is something we can find in EVERYTHING nowadays! Why?! Because many of us LOVE sweet! Sugar is actually an addictive food, meaning we CRAVE that sweetness. The more we have, the more we crave!    That being said - although we crave it, doesn’t mean we should be having it, especially in large amounts. 46g of sugar is a CRAZY HIGH AMOUNT! On average, we should not be having more the 25g of sugar a day, a grande pumpkin spice latte had almost double that!    A 330ml bottle of coke has 35g of sugar- LESS calories than a grande pumpkin spice latte!   The LEAN PSL cuts down your sugar intake from 46g of sugar to only 10g! Having LESS sugar intake will allow you to go on with your day feeling GOOD and energized as too much sugar tends to leave you feeling sluggish and tired.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dflx827940

 LEAN pumpkin spice latte

You can order the LEAN pumpkin spice latte ICED or HOT! Here’s how to order each:


Grande iced coffee No classic syrup  1 pump pumpkin sauce 3 pumps sugar free vanilla Light cream (half and half) Extra pumpkin spice topping 


Tall blonde americano in a grande cup 1 pump pumpkin sauce 3 pumps sugar free vanilla Steamed almond milk Extra pumpkin topping   **You CAN get whipped cream on top, but keep in mind, this will add another 50-150 calories to the drink!  


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