Happy Monday Squadies! Get excited because today we are announcing our July Squadie of the month! This month, we have not one but 2 LEANMAZING sqaudies as our July SUPER SQUADIES!! Both these Squadies have been dedicated to the leanness since day 1! They are:  


  Steve and Gen became part of the squad almost A YEAR AGO! They began with the #90daychallenge back in August 2019, SMASHED through their 3 months then moved onto the #6weekleanchallege a few months later! These 2 lean machines crushed through all 4 phases of the 6 week lean challenge and have now moved onto the #30dayleanchallenge, which they will be starting today!    Super Squadies Steve and Gen had been through some ups and down in life and were looking to find a way to change things up and for the better, for themselves and for each other. After following @leansquad on Instagram and seeing some testimonial videos, they decided to take the plunge into leanness - and haven’t looked back since!  Throughout their time with LEANSQUAD, they have been such a leanspiration to the leansquad team and all the squadies who had the pleasure to watch their journey along side with us! They hold themselves accountable and keep each other motivated by posting in the leansquad’s slack group on a regular basis. Sharing photos of themselves working out, sweaty post workout selfies, or lean meals they are cooking up - whatever it may be, they share it with the team! These messages are SO inspiring to see! Opening up and sharing their journey with the whole squad not only helps motivate them, but also helps motivate other squadies on their journey! They truly are super squadies!    We are so happy to have both these leanspiring individuals as part of our squad and know they will continue to crush through their next challenge, motivating themselves and others along the way!

Find out more about our super squadies below:

Q1-4: Name, Age, Hometown & Occupation:

Names: Steve and Gen Brunet

Ages: Steve – 31 Gen – 30

Hometown: Steve is originally from Ottawa, ON and Gen is originally from Newmarket, ON. We both currently reside in Oshawa, ON

Occupation: Steve is Manager of Sales and Programming and Gen is a Testing Coordinator

Q5: When did we join LEANSQUAD?

We started with the 90 day lean plan in August of 2019 and have continued ever since.

Q6: What Phase are you currently on?

We are currently on the continuation program of the 6 week challenge in phase 5. We will be continuing with starting the 30 day summer lean challenge starting Monday!!!!

Q7: As Super Squadies, what's your biggest success as a part of LEANSQUAD:

Seeing dramatic success and progression in the workouts. Some workouts we have started with modified exercises or had trouble completing the full duration of the exercise, now we both can full do the workouts and are loving getting up in the morning to get LEAN! Our mental clarity and drive/energy has gone through the roof its been great!

Q8: What's your Favourite lean meal?

The butter chicken or the eggs/avocado toast are amazing!

Q9: What's your Favourite Whoopsie?


Q10: What's your number 1 Leansquad tip to share?

JUST DO IT!! Phil has created an amazing program that is suitable for all shapes, sizes, ages, and abilities. Food is actually extremely tasty and is tailored to you not a generic plan. Also I would say use Phil as your biggest weapon, he is always there to reply to your messages or bounce questions/ideas off of.

Q11: What would you say to Someone starting their lean journey

Forget any reservations that you have. You wont regret starting the journey and you will get hooked just like we have. As Phil has mentioned multiple times, there are always days that you don’t feel like doing the workout, but completing the quick workout makes you feel 100% better and gives you lots of energy for the day.

Q12: What's your Favourite lean restaurant to eat out at?

lettuce wrap buffalo chicken fajitas from Lone Star!

Q13:  If you have one, please submit a Leansquad approved recipe!

Scrambled egg turkey bacon wrap

spread Greek yogurt and salsa on the wrap, shred a small amount of cheese on the wrap, top with scrambled eggs and turkey bacon. Add a side of berries or fruit to start the day!

  Thank you for always inspiring us Steve and Gen! Keep pushing those lean limits!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t45jK5J3V8A&feature=youtu.be  

Want to become a part of the SQUAD like our Super Squadies?! Check out our LEAN PLANS here!!