Intense Core Workout | Lose Belly Fat in 1 Week

Happy Tuesday Squadies! Today is going to be ALL about the CORE! I know there are a TON of squadies out there looking to reach their summer body goals. In most cases, this includes improvements in the belly area! Today I will be sharing an INTENSE total core workout that will help you lose belly fat in a week!      

Why Core?

When asking people about their fitness goals, more often than not, the belly area or core will come up. Why? Our tummy area tends to hold on to fat for longer than other areas of our body, This is because the fat cells in our belly are more dense, and take more time to breakdown.   Let’s back it up for a second - how does this fat get there to begin with? Our belly area, just like other areas of our body, begins to store fat when we are consuming more calories than our body is using. 

How do we stop this and start losing belly fat?!

lose belly fat
Now that you understand WHY most of us have belly fat and why it can be difficult to lose, how do we go about losing it?! First of all, get moving! We want to be burning more calories then we are consuming. Working out is a great way to get the metabolism fired up so our body is burning more calories. 
Secondly, we need to look at the workouts we are doing. Doing isolated or spot exercises is not the most effective way to burn belly fat. Instead exercises and workout routines that combine cardio, strength and core are the more effective way to lose belly fat. Unfortunately, we cannot decide where in our bodies we lose weight, so keeping the heart rate up, working on strengthening the core, and practicing dynamic exercises will help you lose belly fat as well as fat around other areas of your body.

Why else do we want to work on our core?

Besides wanting to lose belly fat and strengthen the core for appearance, the core is an area in your body that is super important to keep strong for many other reasons! We use our core in almost all of our daily activities, from getting out of bed, to bending down to walking, running, moving - you name it, your core is probably involved in some way. Having an access of belly fat can also have negative effects on your overall health in the long run.   

Let’s start losing belly fat!

This workout is only 10 minutes but is an INTENSE one! Doing this workout everyday for a week will help you lose unwanted belly fat and strengthen the core! Combined with a healthy eating routine, you can start seeing results in as little as a week!

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