Ice Cream, Popcorn, And Chips — How to eat more and Stay Lean: 3 Easy Food Swap recipes for Weight Loss

Squadies, get ready to eat MORE ICE CREAM, MORE POPCORN and MORE CHIPS than ever before…

OK OK OK, Do I EVER have a TREAT for you today! Are you trying to be strict on your lean journey, but every once in awhile you feel like snacking gets the best of you?! Well if that sounds like you, today’s blog post is all about swapping out traditional processed, fatty, oily, and sugary foods with low cal, healthy and tasty options, that you will love. The other GREAT NEWS is that you can eat WAY MORE OF these recipes I am sharing with you when compared to your traditional options like Ben & Jerrys Ice Cream, Movie Theatre Popcorn and Lays Potato Chips.

This is a super easy ice cream recipe that is much low in calories when compared to your typical ice cream. You can enjoy A LOT more of this, without the same guilt you would experience from say a tub of Ben and Jerrys!!


If you’re not excited already, I just want to put things in perspective:

A typical pint of Ben and Jerrys Ice Cream has over 1300 calories in it!!

1300 calories in a small tub of ice cream. That is the same size tub that I could finish EASILY in one episode of Stranger Things (and there’s 8 episodes of Stranger Things so if my math is correct, that is potentially 10,400 calories while watching season 3 alone) .

For this very reason, that I made it my mission to leanify excessive snacking. Starting with the delicious, low calorie ice cream options. It only takes a few minutes to make as well!


I also share my lean secret for making your popcorn with only half the calories! If you’re like me, consuming a bag of popcorn in a matter of minutes is NO PROBLEM. Brodie and I usually get into heated arm wrestling matches trying to see who can get more out of the popcorn first. Unfortunately though, most popcorn is extremely oily, buttery and HIGH in calories. This is not good news if we are trying to lose weight. Especially if one bag of popcorn can erase an entire weeks worth of exercise and healthy eating!!

Traditional popcorn is PACKED full of calories. Which is why it’s important to understand how you can make your OWN popcorn, which still tastes fantastic, yet has FAR FEWER CALORIES!!

So, again, I wanted to show you the easy secret to making popcorn with HALF THE CALORIES. I also share my homemade parmesan seasoning which is super flavourful and extra easy to make.

Finally, the last recipe I share is KALE CHIPS! Now, I don’t need to go into much detail because I am sure you are well aware of how calorie dense and processed most potato chips are. Unlike potato chips however, Kale chips only have 50 calories per baked serving!! Not to mention they include 2 grams fibre. Which is a big win when ensuring because fibre helps give us that feeling of fullness and promotes healthy digestion. Oh and did I mention kale chips are also packed with nutrients!!! And when our bodies get a consistent source of nutrients we can guarantee that our metabolism will be firing at maximum efficiency.