How to turn your VACATION, into a LEAN-CATION!! – Travel & Holiday Tips

How to turn your ?VACATION?,

into a ???‍♀️LEAN-CATION!!??‍♂️?

Travel & Holiday Tips

It is commonly thought that travelling or holidays completely derail your healthy habits, and you have to “reset” after any “time away”. While you are definitely more LIKELY to have a few Whoopsies while travelling or on holidays, I’ve learned that you CAN stay lean while away from home!

Healthy routines are hard to start and easy to break - especially when you’re travelling and your schedule is completely different; You have different surroundings, different food options, and you’re no longer heading to the gym 5 minutes up the road! It’s definitely much easier to stay lean when you are in your routine, but EVERYONE needs a holiday, and sometimes our “travelling” is not a choice. If you have a holiday coming up, or are travelling for work, DO NOT FREAK OUT, follow my tips and you can keep it lean while on the road!

Look at travelling as a change of scenery and an incentive to try new things. Similarly, when you are on a relaxing vacation, try and get a little bit of exercise done in the morning so you can get your body burning and then kick back, relax and recharge! Over the past couple of years, I have traveled more than ever before, but I have made an effort during every vacation to make little choices to turn my vacation into a LEAN-CATION!!

  1. Intermittent Fasting (IF)☕️

IF is something I rely heavily upon while on vacation. IF is one of the easiest and healthiest things you can do for yourself no matter where you are or what kind of routine you have! I usually try to fast on my travel days. Firstly, airports don’t offer the healthiest of food options and fasting while traveling can help you stay away from those unhealthy food options so you can start off your holiday the LEAN way! Most mornings while I’m on holidays, I like to start off my day with a morning fast, which is especially helpful when staying at a hotel. Most of the time, we don’t have healthy food options sitting around the hotel room and fasting in the morning can help you to avoid making unhealthy choices right off the bat! Further, when you fast and have a healthy start to your day, you are MUCH more likely to stay on the LEAN TRAIN for the rest of the day! I will be posting a beginners guide to fasting NEXT WEEK, so look out for emails regarding the fasting guide! If you are not already signed up, you can join our mailing list HERE!

2. HIIT Training ??‍♀️

A lot of people tend to forget that SOMETHING is always BETTER than NOTHING! This is the truth, especially when it comes to working out. Whether it’s a quick 15 minute body weight HIIT in my hotel, or a 15 minute hotel HIIT ,the leanness goes a long way; especially when you are in a fasted state. HIIT training not only fires up your metabolism, but it also improves your mood, boosts your energy levels, AND cleanses your body of the potential “whoopsies” from the night before! Honestly my main goals is to always get SOMETHING done in the morning so I can enjoy the rest of my day, guilt free! HIIT is so versatile, you can do it almost ANYWHERE! Sometimes, I like to work out outside, especially in the hot weather! This way I can work on my tan while staying lean!

3. LEAN Eating Out ?

When traveling, I focus on picking and choosing my moments for whoopsies. First of all, if I know I am in for a night of Whoopsies ahead, I do everything I can to get my HIIT workout in and then I eat SUPER lean during the day right up until Whoopsie time. It’s very easy to say, “well I’m on vacation”, which is very true, but what people don’t realize is how tired, lethargic and weighed down they feel when they don’t eat lean! You are much better off to eat lean and REALLY enjoy a Whoopsie meal/evening, before hopping back on the lean train — that way, by day 3 or 4 of your vacation, you will still feel energized! I now try and focus on having ONE lean meal a day (high in protein, lots of greens, and healthy fats). Then, when it’s time for the whoopsies, I can indulge guilt free! Not only will it make it easier to get back into your regular lean routine when you get home, but it will also make you feel BETTER, lighter, and more energetic throughout your vacation days!

4. HYDRATE!! ?

It is SO important to stay hydrated by drinking tons of water on vacation! Especially when you are in a warmer place or if you are outside more than usual, the sun will deplete your system of all its water leaving you tired and feeling “low”. Drinking lots of water will not only help you avoid dehydration, but it will also help you feel LESS hungry! Sometimes, we think we are hungry, when in reality, we just need more water! Also, a lot of the foods we consume from restaurants on vacation are loaded with salt, which is HUGE contributor to bloating and dehydration. Water helps combat this feeling and helps flush the unneeded salt out of your body! A good way to always stay hydrated is to get a good, reliable reusable water bottle. I have an amazing water bottle I got on Amazon that I bring with me everywhere when I travel! It keeps my drink, super hot or super cold, and has a clip that can be easily attached to my bag for when I go to the beach, hiking, biking, or any other outdoor activity! Most importantly, it reminds me to STAY HYDRATED no matter where I am or what I am doing!

5. Stay Active??‍♀️

I’ve mentioned this so many times before but I will mention it again; try to get a little LEANERCISE IN WHILE TRAVELING! There are so many different ways to stay active no matter where you are. Whether you are on a work conference trip, visiting family, or heading to the beach for a relaxing vacation, there is a way to stay active! You can choose to workout by following a quick HIIT workout (linked above), visit a local class, conquering a hike or going for a bike ride around a new city!!

Alternatively, if you are on a relaxing vacation, you can have an early run on the beach, walk around the resort, or participate in any water activities that may be offered at your destination. No matter where you are or what you are doing THERE IS A WAY to stay ACTIVE!


6. Travel Snacks ?

It is super easy to quickly stop by a convenience store before traveling, pick up a bag of candy, and call it a day. It is EQUALLY as SIMPLE to pack up a quick healthy snack to bring along your travels, or even pick the HEALTHIER snack option at the convenience store. I have a couple of go to options when it comes to healthy snacks. One of my favourites is a ziplock bag of fresh veggies! Another great option (and many of you have seen my instagram posts) are EPIC bars. These bars are SUPER LEAN and super tasty which is a great combination for travelling! Finally, I always travel with some home-made trail mix. If at all possible, don’t buy pre-packaged trail mix, because it usually includes a number of not-so-lean ingredients! Stick to unsalted almonds, walnuts, pecans, and brazil nuts! Nuts are loaded with healthy proteins and fats, with only a handful or two, being enough to keep you full.


FINALLY, this is a question I get asked ALL the time… you are on holidays, and it IS possible to stay lean while consuming alcohol (IN MODERATION)! Now, if you follow my previous tips, (start off your day with a fast, do a quick HIIT workout, and eat a healthy meal) then you DESERVE some guilt free Whoopsies! There are also a few lean drinkies you can have, one of my favourites being vodka soda. A Vodka is very low in carbs and soda water has zero calories! Some other healthy options include gin with soda water and or lime, Tequila Soda, and any kind of white liquor really with lemon, lime or soda water! Just remember to consume alcohol within reason. Often, it is not always the amount you consume the night of, it is the lack of productivity the next day! If you’re going to enjoy a few Whoopsies, do your best to get up the next day (after a little sleep in), hydrate up, and get your leanercise in!!

Overall, there are TONS of ways to stay lean while on vacation! These are my 7 tips on how to stay healthy while traveling or on holidays!