How to Stay Lean on Vacation: 10 Minute HIIT

Hey Squadies!

As many of you may already know, I spend a ton of time traveling! Over the years, I have learned THE BEST ways to stay lean while traveling in NO TIME! Today I am gonna be sharing with you exactly how I stay lean while vacationing and traveling the world!

1. 10 minute HIIT Workout 

My first tip is to start your day off with a quick HIIT workout, everyday! HIIT workouts are great because you can get your body burning and the metabolism FIRED UP in a short period of time! Rather than spending hours inside, working out at a hotel gym, get outside, do a nice, quick and effective HIIT workout! 

The BEST part about HIIT is that although you are only working out for a short period of time, since we are getting our heart rate up, we are actually firing up the matabolism, which will keep burning up to 24 hours afterwards! This means that all day, you will feel more energized, and your body will be able to function faster! 

Taking that short 10 minutes out of your day will have you feeling SO much better throughout the rest of your day! Feeling good, healthy and strong all vacation long will ultimately allow you to enhance your vacation and make the most out of everyday! The most important thing to remeber when vacationing is to ENJOY yourself while feeling good! A quick 10 minute HIIT is the perfect solution! 

The workout I am sharing with you today is a FULL BODY 10 minute HIIT! No weights or equiptment required! You can do this workout ANYWHERE! I prefer to workout outside to help make the most out of my vacation! Since we are only working out for a short period of time, remember to PUSH as HARD as you can throughout the entire workout!


2. Intermittent Fasting

I have talked about this so many times before, but Intermittent Fasting will be your best  friend when staying lean on vacation! It is so easy to implement, all you gotta do is skip breakfast, or postpone your breakfast for a couple of hours! 

Combining intermittent fasting with a HIIT workout is the ultimate lean-cation package! When in a fasted state, your body relies on your body's fat stores to keep you energized. When working out while fasted, your heart rate is elevated, and you are BURNING fat! Intermittent fasting overall, helps you get the most out of your vacation, so you can be burning more fat, feeling more energized and LEAN all vacation long!

3. Stay Hydrated  

This is another tip I talk about a lot! Hydration is SUPER important, especially when traveling. Being stuck in an airplane, exposed to different air pressures for hours at a time can be draining and hard on your body. Staying hydrated is vital in keeping our bodies feeling healthy throughout this time! 

When vacationing to a hot destination especially, being outside in the heat for long periods of time, our bodies get drained, and we need to keep re-hydrating in order to stay healthy and energized! 

There you have it squadies! My top 3 tips on how to stay lean on vacation!