How to Stay Lean in the Summer with Intermittent Fasting

Hey Squadies, Happy Thursday. It is almost the lean weekend!

What’s even better? It’s the Summer – my favourite season! The sun is shining, the weather is warm, and we can get outdoors and enjoy ourselves.

It’s also the season of Whoopsies. Whether it’s a backyard barbecue, a weekend getaway, a patio, or a family dinner, the summertime always seems to bring out a few more Whoopsies than normal.

As such, I want to give you a few tips on how to use Intermittent Fasting to help you stay lean and feel your best this summer!

The 16:8 method of Intermittent Fasting

The most common fasting to eating ratio is a 16 hour fast and a 8 hour eating period. Although you will see results quicker by fasting daily, when starting off, you can either fast for shorter periods of time within the day OR you can choose certain days in a week to try intermittent fasting.

Be flexible, you don’t have to be super strict with yourself right away. This can help you ease into the idea of fasting, and give your body a chance to get used to it.

You can start off with a 12 hour fast and work your way up to 16 hours when you are ready. During your eating window, make sure you are eating the proper foods, and are getting all your nutrients in.

Remember to always listen to your body, follow whichever hour ratio works best for your body and lifestyle! As long as you are fasting for at least 12 hours, you are getting the benefits of intermittent fasting!

Want to learn more about the Basics of Intermittent Fasting? CLICK HERE

Try a Morning HIIT workout!

Doing a nice quick HIIT workout in the morning is definitely a good idea when you know you have a summer event coming up.

First off, HIIT workouts leave us feeling GOOD and energized! It also gives your metabolism a nice boost right off the bat!

Want to boost the effects of this workout?! Try to do your morning workout fasted!

This way, you will burn even MORE fat, leaving you feeling confident and leanmazing heading into your summertime festivities!

Looking for a workout to try for your first Fasted HIIT workout? I have a 7 Day Free Trial! No credit card needed!

Hyrdate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Again, one of my top tips to feel your best this Summer while fasting is to DRINK a TON of water, both before and throughout your fasting window. Especially if you are planning on getting a fasted workout in, hydrating is key to lengthening and maximizing your fasting window!

Wondering what else you can drink while you're fasting? I have written an entire blog on what will NOT break your fast!

Enjoy Yourself!

One of the biggest mantras that I embody is to enjoy yourself GUILT FREE! I NEVER like to call a day of Whoopsies a Cheat Day.

​By starting off your day right with drinking lots of water, using Intermittent fasting, and getting your HIIT workout, you have set yourself up to enjoy your Summer GUILT FREE!

Remember, one day, one weekend, or one week is not going to derail your progress. You HAVE to enjoy yourself and enjoy your Summer, but what's most important is that you set yourself up for success and get back on the lean train after an evening of Whoopsies!
​ We are going to keep the body burning all Summer long while allowing you to ENJOY your summer!