How to Sleep Better for Maximum Efficiency

Happy Wednesday Squadies! As we enter a new year with new goals and resolutions to improve upon ourselves, it is crucial that we don’t overlook the importance of a good night’s sleep. This is a fundamental area we can focus on to really improve how we feel each and every day. In today’s blog, I will be providing you with my best tips on how to sleep better for maximum efficiency during the day!

Since becoming a father, I’ve really had to experiment with different methods for achieving a good night’s sleep. After all, sleeping well is essential for your muscles to recover from your workouts! Sleep also plays an important role in many aspects of your life including your energy, productivity, mood, and weight. It can even help you avoid getting sick

Here are some of the methods I use to ensure a great night’s sleep:

Maintain a consistent sleep schedule

Ensuring you are sleeping and waking up at the same time every day can make a world of a difference in how you feel both physically and mentally! The number of hours you sleep is definitely important, but if your bedtime is constantly changing from day to day then your body isn’t receiving all the benefits. 

Try to keep a consistent bedtime and wake-up time every day. Once you’ve done this a few times, your body will naturally adapt and you should be able to wake up at your desired time without an alarm. Squadies, I promise this will make a HUGE difference in how you feel and it will carry over into other areas of your life!

Taking control of your light exposure

We are exposed to many different sources of light on a daily basis. During the day, make sure to get as much exposure to natural light as possible as this will reduce the melatonin production in your body, which will keep you awake and alert! When it starts to get dark is when melatonin production is ramped up, which makes you more sleepy! 

Bright screens before bed are often the culprit to a bad night’s sleep! This is caused by the blue light these devices emit. Try avoiding screens within an hour before you fall asleep and you should start sleeping like a baby in no time!


It has been proven that exercise greatly improves sleep quality! Check out our Super Single Mom Squadie of the Month, who experienced this first hand! These benefits are especially seen with people who do HIIT workouts because they are really pushing themselves on a daily basis! The more challenging your workouts, the better your sleep! Like I always say, if it’s hard for you, it’s LEAN for you! Try out my 7 Day Free Trial for some great HIIT workouts!

What I am getting at here is that you should make sure you are getting in some form of exercise every single day!

Bedtime stretch routine

While falling asleep we can often find ourselves thinking about the past day’s events or things we need to do tomorrow. Carrying these thoughts in our heads can give us a hard time falling asleep! An evening routine can combat these thoughts and clear your mind to ensure a good night’s rest!

If you’ve been sitting at your desk all day you probably have some aches and pains you would like to get rid of! An evening stretch routine right before bed can really help relieve some of this pain and help your body relax. My 7 Minute Mobility and Recovery workout are perfect for just this! Breathing through your recovery routine will help you forget about the day and stay in the present moment.

There you have it squadies, some things to experiment with to help you sleep better and maximize your efficiency during the day!

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