How to Make 2020 the BEST year YET!

“Don’t Fear Failure. Fear being in the exact same place you are next year as you are today.” - Unknown

It is the start of a new year! 2020 is finally here and a ton of us are probably thinking about our goals and intentions for this new year. Today’s blog is all about setting any reasons or excuses aside - letting fear know who’s boss, and achieving your goals without fearing failure.

With so many new Squadies a part of the #6weekleanchallenge (click here to learn more) it's apparent that many people are already taking that first step to a healthy and successful 2020 (and on that note we absolutely smashed the record number of Squadies signing up so a huge congrats to everyone)! At LEANSQUAD, I firmly believe that having a healthy diet and exercise routine can help you gain the confidence and energy needed to help you reach any goal in any area of your life! Committing yourself to your health will definitely pay off in the long run! If you have already signed up that is AWESOME! You are one step closer! If you have not yet signed up, find out more about the #6weekleanchallenge HERE!

Of course, starting a new routine or a big life change can be difficult at first - sometimes it can even seem like giving up sounds like a good option! This is not your better self talking, but instead it is fear. So many of us let fear hold us back from doing what we actually want whether consciously or subconsciously. Many times, this fear comes out in the form of excuses, anger or frustration. No matter where you are in life, whether you are a student, starting a new job or starting a family, you can find a way to fit fitness and nutrition into your life! When we take care of ourselves through fitness and nutrition, our bodies and minds thank us in the form of confidence, boosted energy, boosted productivity and generally, we just feel BETTER!

Take it from Brodie and me. Our lives are CRAZIER than ever before. We have Hudson (our 2 year old son), we're expecting twins (in 3 months), and we're running our own business! However, instead of using all this CRAZINESS as reasons NOT to be healthy, we instead, take the opposite approach and use it as MOTIVATION TO BE HEALTHY!

That way WE KNOW we can keep up with the craziness feeling energized, healthy, less stress, more productive, happier (and the list goes on and on). And I truly believe when you take this approach, your life will instantly change for the better

So instead of focusing on the "WHY NOT's", "TOO BUSY's", "NO TIME", "WORK's CRAZY", etc, etc let's focus on WHY these excuses can and should actually act as our motivation to get our exercise done and eat healthy foods!

Here are a couple examples of how fitness and nutrition can improve your situation:

New Job

"Being busy" at work is one of the most common reasons why people tell me they can't be healthy. But to me, this is the EXACT reason why they SHOULD live a healthy and active life.

For me, extended periods of bad eating and inactivity have a huge impact on my productivity, energy levels, enthusiasm, work ethic and ultimately success at work and in my business. Likewise, at home I’m less positive, have worse sleeps and I wake up the next day with the cycle continuing. That’s why, when I’m busiest, I think it’s crucial for me to make sure I really focus on exercising and fuelling my body with healthy, nutritious, and energizing foods.

At the beginning of every week I schedule my workouts just like I would a meeting. Whether they are 20 minutes or 50 minutes it doesn’t matter, once it’s scheduled I have made the commitment to myself. Similarly, I focused on eating EASY foods that will ENERGIZE me, not weigh & and slow me down (no pun intended).

When I do this, the impact on my work life is undeniable. I wake up every day EXCITED about the challenges that lie ahead, accomplish far more and have profound boost in my confidence. This is exactly why you see most of the “busiest” people on the planet prioritize their health and wellness!! So with that in mind Squadies, start prioritizing your health just like you do your work, and I guarantee to you will see some incredible results!

Starting a Family / Having Kids 

As many of you may know, Bodie and I are in this stage of our lives! We have our 2 ½ year old son Hudson and are expecting twin boys this coming April! Of course we are super busy parents, taking care of Hudson, preparing for twins while also running a business!

But again, instead of using the "I'm too tired", "Hudson was up early", or "I just don't want to do it today" excuses that float in our heads from time to time we try our best to focus on what LIFE and ENERGY exercising and healthy foods will help bring to our family. 

We want to be as energized and as attentive as possible when we are with Hudson and when we exercise and eat healthy, we KNOW (based on 1,000's of studies) that this will greatly improve our chances of having this happen.

So even when things get crazy, we make sure we etch out some time to workout. Whether that is in the living room (try this quick body weight hiit), or in the gym. All that matters is we get it done. Because, at the end of the day, we remind ourselves that even just 10 minutes of exercise will vastly improve our energy levels, improve our sleep and sleep quality and ultimate help us be happier, and more attentive around Hudson! 

Likewise, a lot of people say I don't have time to cook healthy foods. But the reality is that healthy foods take no longer than unhealthy foods to prepare nowadays.  To make things simple, we focus on buying easy, quick, and healthy ingredients like frozen cauliflower rice, frozen chopped garlic, etc to ensure we can make healthy family meals that we all love in minutes.

Don't get me wrong, there are days we are tired and exhausted but the OVERALL picture is what we like to look at. Knowing that if we stick with things 80-90% of the time our lives, no matter how crazy, are going to be much improved.


P.S. even after reading this you still have some self doubt then check out this SUPER LEANMAZING MOM Alysha Blazevic below. She smashed her #90DAYLEANPLAN while taking care of her family!!! So inspirational. 


Student Life 

As a student, a lot of times we are stuck with tons of studying to do, lots of assignments, tests and papers to write, and lots of weekends we just want to spend socializing and partying with friends. Balancing school, social life, and maybe even a part-time job can definitely seem almost impossible already as is, how in the world are you going to have time for fitness and nutrition?! 

After adding exercises and healthy eating into your daily routine, you will naturally have more ENERGY and will be way more productive! You can get more work done faster, and have energy to do it all - school, social life and work! Again, at first it may seem difficult, but once you get into a routine and your body starts gaining strength and energy, you will SEE and FEEL the difference! 

Taking Chances and Trying New Things 

If you really want to make positive change in your life, exercise and nutrition will help you to have the confidence, clarity and energy to take that leap of faith! If you are confused, feel stuck, or just don’t know what your next steps should be, exercise and nutrition should be it! Clearing your mind and focusing on your health can definitely help you find your path!

 There you have it squadies! If you want to make 2020 the best year yet, focus on your HEALTH! Focusing on your fitness and nutrition will help enhance your physical and mental health - but overall, can make the difference between you living your best life or you continuing to be stuck in whatever unwanted position you may be in now.

Learn more about our #6weekleanchallenge HERE!