How to Lose Weight Without Strict Dieting Or Exercise

Ever wonder what you can do to lose weight without a strict diet or exercise?! There are certain habits, activities, and things you can add into your daily routine that can help with weight loss that do not include any exercise or strict diet!  Do you already have an active routine and healthy diet? You can add some of these tips into your routine along with your current routine to help lose more fat faster! If you are injured, cannot workout to your fullest ability or are just looking to lose some weight faster, then continue reading for these leansane tips!  

Take a Cold Shower!cold showers are good for weight loss

I know, the idea of a cold shower is a bit chilling, but the benefits are totally worth it! Although there are tons of benefits of taking a cold shower, today I am focusing on 2 - immunity boost and fat loss. Taking a cold shower has been shown to increase the speed of your metabolism and the amount of white blood cells in the body. White blood cells help fight off disease, combined with a fast metabolism, cold showers can help you stay strong and healthy! Cold showers can also help you lose fat. Our body’s have 2 different kinds of fat, brown fat and White fat. When showering in cold water, it stimulates the creation of brown fat in the body. Brown fat aka, good fat, helps keep the body warm when cold, and is associated with burning rather than storing. White fat on the other hand, is STORED in the body, therefore, when brown fat is generated, your body begins to BURN calories!

Skip Breakfast!

As you may already know, I am a HUGE advocate for intermittent fasting. Along with its many other benefits, intermittent fasting allows you to lose tons of weight in FAT while still keeping all your MUSCLE MASS! When we eat, our body stores glycogen from the food as an energy source in our livers. If we are not eating for a long period of time (12 hours and up), these glycogen stores become depleted and your insulin levels drop. When this happens, your body must find another source of energy from WITHIN your body since nothing new is coming in. What does your body do?! It begins to burn your STORED fat as energy! By skipping breakfast in the morning and not consuming any calories until later on in the day, you are giving your body a chance to BURN more FAT! Fasting will help speed up the fat loss process so you can get LEAN FASTER! If you want to learn more about fasting, check out my beginners guide to intermittent fasting, the video linked above! If you still have not tried intermittent fasting because you are concerned that you may get too hungry during your fasted period, check out my blog on how to curb your hunger while fasting!

Drink Lemon water!

drink lemon water for weight lossLemon water has a ton of benefits, one of those benefits being it aids in weight loss! Lemon water actually aids in your digestion and fires up your immune system. If you are fasting, it puts you into a deeper fasted state QUICKER which means more hours of fat burning! Even if you are not fasting, lemon water will still help get your immune system fired up so you are burning calories faster! Putting lemon in your water can also help you feel satiated or full for longer. This is beneficial because you are less likely to snack or over eat since your lemon water is helping you feel full! 

Eating for Weight Loss!

high protein and fibre meal for weight loss Of course many of you may probably know that the foods we eat play a HUGE roll in the gaining or losing of fat. Instead of telling you how much to eat, here is a general guideline of what food will aid in fat loss! In order to help with weight loss, try eating meals that are high in fibre and protein. Both protein and fibre aid your ability to burn fat! Protein is harder for your body to digest then carbs and fat. This meaning your body is working harder AND burning more calories to digest it. Since the process is longer, it also helps keep you satiated and full for longer. High fibre is important because it also helps you stay satiated for longer. Fibre is also very good for your gut health which plays a huge roll in your overall health. You can read more about gut health HERE.

Stay Hydrated!

stay hydrated for weight lossDrinking water and staying hydrated is one of the EASIEST things you can do to help with weight loss. Not drinking enough water can be detrimental as it can affect your energy levels, metabolism, and satiety. When it comes to weight loss, we want to feel energized and ready to get up and move! If we are dehydrated, all you are gonna want to do is sleep. Drinking enough water also plays a huge roll in snacking. Without drinking enough water, you will feel hungry causing you to eat more empty calories where you weren’t even necessarily hungry in the first place! 

Get your SLEEP!

Did you know that those who sleep less than 7hrs a night on average eat 300 caloried MORE per day then someone who sleeps 7 or more hours?! That is a crazy amount of extra calories! To tipt this into perspective, this can lead to about 12lbs of fat per year! Also, when you're sleep deprived the hormones in your body that regulate hunger and satiety actually REVERSE. This causes you to feel HUNGRIER AND LESS SATIATED when you eat! You will also have more unnecessary cravings throughout the day!

There you have it squadies! 6 Leantastic ways to loose weight without a strict diet or exercise! To learn more about the LEANSQUAD, and what kind of lifestyle we can offer you through on of our lean plans Click here!