How to Eat Lots & Lose Weight

Hey Squadies! I know what you’re thinking… This title and topic has to be clickbait because it can’t actually be possible to eat more food and actually lose weight.

Well, the GOOD and the LEAN news is that it is possible to eat more and lose weight but in order to do that, you have to follow a few key but easy steps.

But firstly, before we dive into the important factors of actually increasing the volume of food you’re eating while still losing weight, it's crucial we understand that two things must be a part of any successful weight loss journey.

The first being that in order to lose weight, the only way it is actually possible is by staying in a calorie deficit. This means, you have to be burning MORE calories on a daily basis than you are consuming.

The second part of this is that one of the biggest misconceptions with calorie deficits is that people associate it with extreme restriction. They completely cut out all enjoyment of food, reduce portion sizes to the absolute minimum and in turn end up HATING their weight loss journey and quitting before it has even really begun.

​​This is a one way ticket to weight loss disaster.

Volume eating essentially means shifting your mindset from “restriction” which is more often than not the most common weight loss technique (but definitely not the most successful) and instead start focusing on eating MORE of the foods that are lower in calories but higher in nutrients, thus allowing you to eat way more while still staying in a calorie deficit!

Not only can you eat more food AND lose weight, but you will also eat more nutrient dense foods in the process. It is simply a matter of picking the right ingredients and looking for low calorie food swaps like this Teriyaki Chicken on Cauliflower Rice Meal Prep you can find in the LEANSQUAD App!

In this recipe, instead of using regular rice, which has more calories and less nutrients, I use Cauliflower Rice, which is lower in calories, higher in nutrients and actually tastes the same if not better! Believe it or not, an entire bag of cauliflower rice has just ⅓ of the calories as ONE serving of rice. As a result, you are able to eat larger portions without worrying about gaining weight.

Remember, the only way to lose weight is to ensure you are in a calorie deficit, which these foods accomplish because they have far fewer calories but many more nutrients. You will feel more nourished, eat more food, all while remaining in a calorie deficit.

Another example is this Ginger Chicken Stir Fry recipe you can find in the LEANSQUAD App. Here I swap out regular noodles for Konjac noodles, which alone saves us almost 200 calories per serving! Konjac noodles are high in fibre, a great source of calcium, vegan, soy free and gluten free. Mix that with all these veggies and chicken and you have yourself a low calorie meal that will leave you feeling full and nourished.

You can also leanify your snacks, like these Lean Protein Jell-O Whips! They taste amazing, are packed with protein, and are only 30 cals each! These recipes are easy to make and adaptable so you can lose weight, enjoy amazing foods, and feel your best!

This approach, in my opinion, is a much more enjoyable and most importantly sustainable approach. Your meals will be bigger, leave you feeling fuller for longer and won’t have you constantly feeling like you’re missing out on everything you love in life!!

For 100s more recipes like these, check out my LEANSQUAD App and start your Lean Journey today for FREE!