How to Create and Maintain Fitness Goals!

Happy Wednesday Squadies! With the new year around the corner, many of us have begun to look at goals and resolutions for the new year. What do you want to accomplish this year? How do you plan on reaching those goals? 2020 was a hard year for many of us, now it is time to look towards the future with hope and happiness! In today’s blog, I will be giving you my tips on how to create and maintain fitness goals in the new year!
Quickly before we get into it, my 30 Day Challenge is a fantastic starting point if you are serious about sticking to those new years goals and resolutions!

Creating YOUR Goals

Squadies, creating and maintaining fitness goals may seem daunting at first, but I PROMISE you that it will get easier if you simply take the first step! This starts with coming up with good, achievable goals that will push you to be better! You shouldn’t be setting goals that are so hard that it discourages you, but they also shouldn’t be so easy to the point where you feel you aren’t seeing growth.
A great way to approach goal-setting is to first come up with your “Big LEAN Goal”, which may be to lose 10 pounds. Now make sure this is measurable and actionable, otherwise, it is easy to fall off course altogether. This “Big LEAN Goal” achieves both those things so now we are ready to create our sub-goals. These are your stepping stones towards your bigger goal and are the KEY to your growth and success! Using this SMART technique for goal-setting has proved effective in my own life and I wish the same for you! For a more detailed breakdown of this technique, head over to my previous blog post on GOAL SETTING.
As with most things in life, breaking something down into smaller steps is a great idea because it gets you started. All it takes is that FIRST step! I genuinely believe this to be true! Let’s say you sign up for my LEANMAZING 30 Day Challenge and you wake up on Day 1 and find it tough to get moving. This is SO normal, I feel this way too sometimes, but as our squadies always say, it gets EASIER and you start feeling more fresh and energized as you continue along your Lean Journey! Make sure to sign up here if you want to stay accountable to those fitness goals of yours!

Maintaining YOUR Goals

WOOHOO! Great job squadies, you’ve created your new fitness goals! Now what? This is where the work and the FUN begin, executing on your new goals takes commitment and accountability. We need to put a system in place so that when things get tough, we keep on PUSHING through! This is truly where the MAGIC happens!
Everyone is facing a different challenge and environment each day. This is why you need to find and stick to a routine that works for you! Whether that means working out at the same time every day or prepping your meals once a week, as long as you have a routine you can stick to then you are heading in the right direction.
With that routine in place, staying consistent should be easy right? Not exactly! Staying consistent is where a lot of people fall short. This is because we lose motivation or there is a lack of accountability. Having an accountability buddy can give us that extra PUSH to get us over the hump. Verbalize your goals to your friends and family because they will naturally check in with you on your progress! This provides you with a stronger WHY and holds you accountable to someone other than yourself. The BEST solution? Joining a community where your desired actions are the normal actions. Our LEANMAZING community is the ideal place for this accountability because you will be working out with 100’s other Squadies with the same purpose as you! It doesn’t get better than that!

Balance is key!

That being said, staying true to your goals is important, BUT balance is also crucial to stay healthy physically and mentally! Every once in a while, enjoy those WHOOPSIES, take a day off, have those lazy days. You will be able to get right back on track the next day because you have the community and the structure in place to make that happen!

There you have it squadies, my best tips on how to create and maintain fitness goals! If you want to see meaningful changes to your body and performance, sign up for my 30 Day Challenge today on the leansquad app!