How to Burn Lower Belly Fat

Happy Wednesday Squadies! One of the MOST COMMON problem areas when it comes to holding onto body fat is the stomach area. More specifically, the fat in the lower belly area tends to be the most difficult to get rid of! Today I will be sharing with you my TOP TIPS to burn lower belly fat and KEEP that weight off!  
How can you target a specific area for weight loss?
The truth is, there is no REAL way to only lose fat in a specific area. Depending on a multitude of reasons such as age, weight, gender, genes etc. we all lose and hold onto fat differently. That being said, these tips will help you lose weight in ALL areas of your body, including of course the lower belly area.
Avoid sugar and reduce carbs
Of course, we all know that sugar is bad for us by now, but what you may not know is that many studies have shown that the body tends to build up fat in the abdominal area specifically from eating sugar. Cutting down on sugar intake or removing it from your diet completely will make a HUGE difference!   Now-a-days, you can find HUGE amounts of sugar in so many places you may not have expected it. One of these places is in juices and drinks. Be sure to read the label and check out the amount of sugar contained in a drink before purchasing it, 9 out of 10 times, you WILL be surprised at what you find!    When looking at carbs and weight loss, many studies have shown that REDUCING carb intake can be very beneficial to your health and ultimately help you lose weight faster than a low-fat high carb diet.    This doesn’t mean you need to cut out carbs completely to see any difference, but it does mean that cutting down on carbs and cutting OUT the especially harmful refined carbs can help you lose fat faster. 
Eat more protein, healthy fats and fibre
Now that you’ve cut out all that sugar and refined carbs, what should you be eating in its place to help burn lower belly fat?! PROTEIN, HEALTHY FATS AND FIBRE!!    Fibre and healthy fats take longer to digest - this is a GOOD THING! First of all, it helps keep you feeling full and satiated for longer. It also gives your body more time to absorb all the vitamins and nutrients in the foods you ate!    Protein also takes longer to digest. Along with this benefit, it can boost your metabolism and help your body build and hold onto lean muscle! 
Exercise regularly! 
Burning lower belly fat is only ONE of the many leanmazing benefits of working out regularly! It helps you build lean muscle, lose fat all over your body, have more energy and overall live a happier healthier life!  
What kind of exercise should you do?
A mix of high-intensity workouts and resistance training is a great combination to help burn lower belly fat (and burn fat in general).    HIIT training gets the heart pumping and turns your body into a LEAN MEAN FAT BURNING MACHINE! Resistance training helps your body build lean muscle. When we build muscle and generally have more muscle on our body, we are able to burn more calories for LONGER!   Mixing both HIIT and resistance training will help you burn lower belly fat!  
Core Specific workouts:
We use our core for everything. Almost any movement we need to make on a daily basis requires our core muscles! Although working out your core muscles isn’t gonna mean you will only lose weight in your tummy, strengthening your core can be super beneficial.  
Try out THIS leanmazing core workout to get started:  

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